Dorksidetoys Going out of Business in 2023?

Dorksidetoys – There are indications that DorksideToys, an online store specializing in action figures, has closed down, potentially leading to its discontinuation in 2023. The closure of their online shop was announced with a set deadline of December 18, 2022. Despite being known for offering excellent sales, recent product expansions and financial instability may have had a negative impact on the company. Customers who use credit cards for preorders may face potential chargebacks, resulting in unfortunate outcomes for some individuals.

DorksideToys catered to collectors, providing a wide range of toys and figurines associated with popular franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, GI JOE, The Walking Dead, and more. Their website playfully states that not shopping with them may classify someone as a “dork.” DorksideToys currently holds the 15th ranking among websites specializing in action figures. This article aims to delve into a detailed analysis of their business.

What Happened To Dorkside Toys?

DorksideToys, an internet store, rumored to be facing financial difficulties, although these claims have yet to be verified. An unidentified ex-workers Facebook post alleges that the company encountered financial problems shortly after promoting its annual Black Friday deal in November 2022, leading to speculations of a potential going-out-of-business scenario.

DorksideToys, a well-known website, has recently received negative feedback from customers, contributing to the overall perception of the company’s decline. The ex-employee suggests that DorksideToys is now defunct, citing their failure to issue refunds as a result of significant debt. Additionally, the post mentions that the employees have been lock out of their accounts, leading to a noticeable shift in employee morale, as observed online.

One notable indicator of trouble within the company the increased frequency of sales compared to other retailers in the past year. This often occurs when a business is facing financial strain and needs to liquidate its inventory to either sustain operations or navigate bankruptcy.

The situation at DorksideToys draws parallels to the collapse of Megalopolis Toys, where numerous fans faced difficulties with their orders and obtaining refunds. Notably, on October 28, preorders for Hasbro figures were absent from DorksideToys, which may have served as a foreshadowing sign of the company’s impending troubles.

Furthermore, suppliers like Hasbro have been fulfilling orders at an exceptional pace, overcoming production and transportation challenges caused by the pandemic. However, this has resulted in retailers accumulating excess inventory that they may struggle to afford, potentially leading to excessive debt for some businesses. It is plausible that DorksideToys encountered similar challenges, which contributed to its current predicament.

Signs Indications Of Dorksidetoys Going Out Of Business

One glaring red flag on their website is the presence of ongoing Black Friday deals in December. Accompanied by a warning stating, “All sales are final,” indicating a lack of refund options. This serves as an initial indication of potential issues.

Another significant red flag emerges as DorksideToys has ceased offering preorders, noticeable when visiting the new preorder section on their website. This sudden change raises concerns about their ability to handle such operations.

In an attempt to manage the fallout, DorksideToys disabled comments on their recent Instagram post, likely in response to intense criticism. This action has left many customers wondering about the status of their refunds, and the decision to disable comments seen as an admission of guilt.

Taking matters further, DorksideToys purged their entire YouTube channel and removed their logo from their profile picture, hinting at the possibility that they have disconnected from their official account. This constitutes the final and most significant red flag.

Reports have emerged of customers being denied refunds by the company’s website. Particularly affecting those who used debit or credit cards for payment. Furthermore, several complaints have surfaced regarding the denial of PayPal refunds for preorders, raising suspicions that DorksideToys’ PayPal account might be suspended or that they are no longer associated with PayPal.

Additionally, DorksideToys has frequently been canceling preorders in favor of clearance sales, leaving customers feeling neglected by the unresponsive customer service. Automated messages being sent, claiming that cancellation emails have been sent without any response, causing disappointment among users.

With an impending giant liquidation sale and promises of fantastic deals. It appears that Dorkside Toys primarily focused on protecting its own interests. These collective signs serve as undeniable indications of trouble within the company, necessitating caution and appropriate action from the public.

Heavy discounts at DorkSideToys were a Clear signal.

During the past year, DST has been noticeably increasing the frequency of its sales. A departure from the standard practice of most retailers. This raised concerns and served as an initial indicator that something was amiss. Notably, newly announced figures would swiftly find their way into the sales section shortly. After their release—a pattern is typically observe when a retailer facing financial constraints. And seeks to liquidate its stock either to sustain its operations or to brace for bankruptcy.

This scenario bears a striking resemblance to the unfortunate demise of Megalopolis Toys. Where numerous disappointe fans were left without their orders and the possibility of receiving refunds. Drawing parallels to that situation, the unfolding events at DST followed a similar trajectory.

However, it was on October 28 that the gravity of the situation became strikingly apparent for DST. On this date, the preorders for Hasbro figures. Which would ordinarily be available for preorder on DST’s platform, were conspicuously absent. This significant deviation from the norm would have been a definitive moment that signaled the imminent downfall of DST.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, manufacturers. Such as Hasbro have recently been efficiently fulfilling orders at an unprecedented pace. While many manufacturers faced challenges in fulfilling orders during the pandemic due to manufacturing. And shipping bottlenecks, these bottlenecks have not been a prevailing issue over the past eight months. Consequently, retailers find themselves inundated with surplus stock, potentially exceeding their financial capabilities. This influx of unaffordable inventory places some retailers in a precarious position, leading them toward insurmountable debt. It is highly likely that a similar scenario has unfolded in the case of DST.

All Sales Final

If you ordered from DorkSideToys during their recent out-of-business/Black Friday sale. It seems that they are now shipping the items that are currently in stock. I hope everything goes smoothly. Personally, DorkSideToys was one of the online retailers I trusted and enjoyed ordering from. I sincerely hope that Eddie and his staff at DST will take care of themselves during this holiday season. Going through such a situation is something none of us would want, especially during the holidays. As a collector myself, I will deeply miss DorkSideToys. If you found this article enjoyable, please take a moment to explore the rest of the website. It’s relatively new, so every page view gives me a reason to celebrate. Thank you once again for reading.


In conclusion, according to an ex-employee. DorksideToys has transitioned from being a reputable business and an enjoyable workplace to a state of decline. The employee attributed this decline to the dominance of greed and incompetence within the company. While these claims should be taken into consideration. It is essential to await further verification and evidence to fully ascertain the situation at DorksideToys.

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