Istikbal Çift Kişilik Baza + Başlık + Yatak Takımı 160×200 Cm – Istikbal Base and Headboard 160×200 Set of 2. Metal and wooden furniture must be sold with warranty documentation following the Warranty Certificate Guideline. And the minimum warranty period that vendors must put on is two years.

More than one seller can sell an Istikbal Base bed. The sellers of the products open for sale by more than one seller are listed according to the price they set for the product. Seller scores, delivery status, promotions on the products, and whether the shipping is free or not. And whether the consequences can be delivered with fast delivery. The stock and category information of the products—free returns within 15 days. One piece of 160×200 head is sent to 1 portion of 160×200 base.

Choosing a quality bed base is very important for your comfortable bed use and to keep their clothes. Bases, which add a stylish look to the environment and create a large storage area, are among the indispensable parts of living spaces. You can get many bed base models that imitate your stylishness in Istikbal’s rich product collection.

Bed Base – Istikbal Çift Kişilik Baza + Başlık + Yatak Takımı 160×200 Cm

Bed Base

The beds and bases included in the Istikbal bedroom furniture set protect your health and reflect your style. Bed-based designs are offered in different color and pattern options. You can complete the elegance of your room with the bed and bases you will purchase for the bedroom set you choose. You can choose your bed accordingly when choosing between single and double-bed base alternatives. In addition to the models you will like as beds. You can also consider storage bases where you can store many items in your home. After deciding on the bed base and bed base that will meet your needs. You can participate in Istikbal’s Sleep Test survey to find the most suitable bed model for you and examine the products that will be good for your body’s health.

Bed and Base Models Suitable for Every Style – 2023

While you are looking for the right choice for healthy sleep, bed base types that will reflect your style welcome you in this category. Mattresses, which are necessary for quality sleep, stand out with their comfort and color and pattern options. When choosing a bed, some details, such as your physical characteristics and whether you will sleep as a single or double person, consider.

The position you sleep in and your body’s pressure on the bed determine your chosen bed. If you are sleeping alone, you only need to consider your physical characteristics. But if you are sleeping with your partner, the height, weight, and sleeping style of you and your partner are essential. If you share the same bed with your partner, you should focus on weight distribution and choose beds that will support your weight and make you both comfortable.

What are the Usage Areas of Bases?

What are the Usage Areas of Bases_

All bed base models, which allow you to remove clothes and other belongings you want to store in addition to bedding products, are your home’s largest and most helpful organizer, thanks to their large internal volumes. At the beginning of the season, when you need to put away your summer and winter clothes or when you need to make room in your closets and save space in your home. Bed bases provide you with great convenience. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to safely store your clothes and belongings by protecting them from dust and other factors.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Base?

It is of great importance that the product you choose can be used without any problems for many years, as well as being able to organize your belongings. Choosing bed base models offered for sale under the assurance of well-established brands and are under warranty provides an advantage in this respect.

You can choose with peace of mind among the bases made of quality materials resistant to decay and rust, are long-lasting, have safety precautions against possible accidents due to sudden closings, and have a mechanism that can be easily opened and closed. Bed bases, attract with their versatile usage features and functionality. They are available in single and double sizes according to your needs. Single-base and dual-bed base models offer with different size options.

Favorite Bed and Base Models

Beds with advanced technologies improve your sleep quality. Mattresses planned for a comfortable sleep are formed from different technologies and supplies. Many people prefer high-density sponge mattresses among their favorite products every year. If your body is used to foam mattresses, you can observe foam mattress substitutes combined with technology. Spring mattress is the most preferred mattress type after sponge. Spring mattresses containing materials such as sponge and fiber are produced as double or single mattresses. Visco mattresses have provided you with the comfort and quality sleep they have offered in recent years.

Istikbal Bed and Base Models, Each More Special

Istikbal Bed and Base Models, Each More Special

Istikbal produces exact mattress models for you to experience quality sleep with the Sleep Test. After answering the questions in the test, you will see different bed models. Among these beds, you can choose models that suit your taste and budget while protecting your health. Istikbal mattresses, where happiness and comfort come together, respect you and nature using environmentally friendly materials. In addition, when the fabric features of the beds combine with technology. Your body does not breathe and sweat, which allows you to have a comfortable sleep.

There are padded, Visco, and spring mattresses in the different product ranges where you will experience the comfort of an orthopedic bed. Viscofleks mattress, produced with medium hardness and a hybrid sponge. It is among the first Visco mattress models designed to help you start the day vigorously and energetically in the morning. Life Dreams Mink and Detox Ultra Mattresses are spring mattresses that support your spine health by balancing your body weight. Bamboo Line and Royal Exclusive bed models are noteworthy among spring mattresses.

Those looking for an unusual sleep with round beds can check out the Prestij Round design. While Istikbal beds adapt to every style and body structure. They also find a place in many bedrooms of various sizes. All you have to do is like the model. The remaining part is under Istikbal assurance and quality.

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