Saudi Riyal to Bangladeshi Taka Today in Al Rajhi Bank is 1 SAR = 29.3836 BDT.

If you’re in Bangladesh and need to transfer money or pay in Riyals, Al Rajhi Bank can help you. Al Rajhi Bank, a renowned Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia, provides various services, including currency exchange.

Bangladesh’s Al Rajhi Bank Riyal Rate

Bangladesh's Al Rajhi Bank Riyal Rate

In Bangladesh, the Al Rajhi Bank Riyal Rate is 28.03. The exchange rate is subject to change, so you must check it regularly if you plan on making a currency exchange or transfer.

Country                                Online Rate      Al Rajhi rate        Rajhi Fee

India                                      22.139              ₹21.79                    20

Pakistan                                74.255               Rs68.89                  10

Bangladesh                          29.380               ৳28.91                   20

Philippines                            15.115               ₱14.50                   20

Nepal                                    35.461              Rs34.44                  20

Indonesia                              4227.473          4,187.12                 20

Sri Lanka                               86.874               85.85                      20

Al Rajhi Bank: A Brief Overview

Al Rajhi Bank_ A Brief Overview

The Al Rajhi Bank (previously known as Al Rajhi Banking and Investment Corporation) is a Saudi Arabian bank and the world’s leading Islamic Bank.

Al Rajhi Bank was founded in 1957; it is a Saudi Arabian bank. With over 600 branches in Saudi Arabia and a global presence, it is one of the most well-known Islamic banks worldwide. Corporate banking, personal banking, investment banking, and more services the Al Rajhi bank offers.

The Bank is a significant investor in Saudi Arabian businesses and is one of the largest joint-stock companies in the Kingdom, with over SR 330.5 billion AUM ($88 billion) and over 600 branches. Its headquarters are located in Riyadh, with six provincial offices. Al Rajhi Bank also has divisions in Kuwait and Jordan, and a subsidiary in Malaysia and Syria.

Al Rajhi Bank has a market capitalization of SR 302.80 billion

Services Provided by Al Rajhi Bank in Bangladesh

Al Rajhi Bank provides a number of benefits in Bangladesh, such as:

Foreign Currency Exchange: Al Rajhi Bank allows customers to exchange various currencies, including the Riyal, US dollar, and Euro, among others.

Money Transfers: The Bank provides quick and easy money transfer services to Saudi Arabia and other countries. Customers can choose from various transfer options, including online and mobile transfers.

Account Opening: Al Rajhi Bank allows customers to open various accounts, including savings, current, and investment accounts. The Bank offers account holders competitive interest rates and a range of benefits.

How to Use Al Rajhi Bank to Send Money

How to Use Al Rajhi Bank to Send Money

To transfer money using Al Rajhi Bank, take the following actions:

  • Access your Al Rajhi Bank account via the mobile app or the internet.
  • Choose the transfer option, then fill in the recipient’s information, including bank account details.
  • After confirming the transaction, enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • The monies will be transferred to your beneficiary in a few hours or days, based on your chosen method.

About The Bangladeshi Taka: Bangladesh’s National Currency

With a population of over 165 million and taka as its official currency, Bangladesh is a South Asian country. The most widely used symbols to symbolize the taka are “\” and “Tk.”

The take is a actual current addition to the world of currencies. The Bangladesh Bank is responsible for issuing ten or more banknotes with a face value. In contrast, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance to produce banknotes with a face value of between two and five.

The Bangladeshi taka currency is subdivided into poishas, with 1 taka equaling 100 poishas.

The Bangladeshi taka is now about INR 0.76.


If you’re in Bangladesh and want to make a currency exchange or transfer, Al Rajhi Bank can help you. Check the Al Rajhi Bank Riyal Rate in Bangladesh today and explore the Bank’s range of services, including foreign currency exchange, money transfers, and account opening. With its competitive rates and convenient services, Al Rajhi Bank is an excellent choice for customers in Bangladesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Bangladesh Taka worth about the Saudi Riyal?

One Saudi Riyal is worth 29.3836 Bangladesh Taka today

What is the Saudi Riyal trend regarding the Bangladesh Taka?

Today’s exchange rate (29.3836) is lower than yesterday’s (29.3944).

What is 50 Saudi Riyals in Bangladesh Taka?

50 Saudi Riyal buys 1469.18 Bangladesh Taka at the interbank exchange.

What paperwork is required in Bangladesh to open an account with Al Rajhi Bank?

To open an account with Al Rajhi Bank in Bangladesh, you must provide a valid ID, proof of address, and other relevant documents.

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