Tencent meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode is a conference utilizing visual or video art known as the Tencent VooV Meeting (TVM), which is solely sponsored by Tencent and generated for the sole purpose of collaboration. Tencent Meeting, also known as VooV in China, is a cloud-based video conferencing service. It has features similar to Zoom, making it easy for most users to transition. It is a new and fresh arrival and addition to the collection of the e-commerce session.

Tencent Meeting offers:

  • Free service: Up to 300 attendees can use the service for free
  • Security protection: Features include meeting passwords, locking meetings, moving attendees out, waiting rooms, and watermarks
  • High-definition video: Users can host or join meetings anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to use: The service is smooth, secure, and reliable

The international version of Tencent Meeting is compatible with the Chinese version.

Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode Overview

Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode Overview

Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode is a versatile online meeting tool developed by Tencent, a Chinese technology company known for its wide range of digital services. It offers easy video conferencing, screen sharing, and collaboration features. A unique feature is the ability to host main events with up to 1,000 attendees. Strict security measures have also been instigated to ensure the confidentiality of meetings. Tencent Meetings allows users to schedule appointments, share files, and even integrate with WeChat, making it a popular option in China and beyond.

Easy Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

VooV Meeting – Tencent Video C is a free download communication and social app for large group conferencing. Breaking global boundaries, you have the power to connect and communicate virtually in over 100 countries around the world. Additionally, it supports up to 300 meeting participants independently.

Developed by Tencent Mobility Limited, one of the leading creators of iPick, it can guarantee the quality and security of all your conference calls. Thanks to the universal security protection implemented by the VooV Meeting, the essential meeting, especially the secret, is hidden from the eyes of intruders.

Quality, Feature-Rich Conference Calls

VooV Meeting: Tencent Video C offers stunning video calling sessions with clear audio and high-definition video. It also features intelligent noise reduction and keyboard clicks to maintain the audio quality of the human voice. You can personalize your video by choosing from AI-powered beauty filters. It also allows you to hide your dirty surroundings through its background blur effect.

You can use its real-time screen-sharing tool to present reports virtually to your colleagues. Conference call hosts have a wide range of administrative controls, allowing them to conduct meetings quickly and efficiently. You can mute attendees when they join and set meeting passwords to make the call more secure.

You can easily schedule and start a meeting. While planning, you need to name the phonebook and specify the start and end time of the call. In addition, you can decide the maximum number of participants according to the needs of the team or your preference. The app also provides more collaboration features like instant messaging and document sharing. However, it suffers from audio glitches when paired with Bluetooth headphones.

Ideal For Large Group Meetings

VooV Meeting – Tencent Video C is a cloud-based conference calling platform perfect for large group meetings, accommodating up to 300 participants. Its enormous capacity does not detract from the performance of video calls. It offers crystal-clear audio and high-definition video images that you can customize to improve quality further. However, audio issues when connecting with Bluetooth headphones require extensive optimization.

The Rise Of Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode

The Rise Of Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode

Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode, launched in late 2019, quickly established itself as a Zoom-like video conferencing platform. Tencent, one of China’s most prominent technology conglomerates, created it. It is strategically situated to meet the growing demand for remote communication equipment. The platform offers a user-friendly edge and robust features. Most importantly, it worked to manage large-scale meetings, making it suitable for businesses, educational institutions, and government organizations.

Tencent Meeting’s initial growth came from China’s strict lockdown measures during the early days of the pandemic. Companies had to adjust to remote work quickly, and the Tencent meeting filled a critical need. While Zoom is already a global leader, the Chinese government’s concerns about data security drove the shift toward homegrown solutions. Which further fueled the growth of Tencent Meeting.

Key Features and Functionalities of Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode

The success of Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode can be attributed to its robust feature set. Turning it into a platform similar to Zoom with its exciting offers:

  1. High-quality video and audio: Tencent Meeting provides excellent video and audio quality, ensuring that participants can communicate clearly, whether in a one-on-one meeting or a large webinar.
  2. Screen Sharing: Like Zoom, Tencent Meeting offers essential screen-sharing capabilities for presentations and collaboration.
  3. Interactive Whiteboard: Includes an interactive whiteboard that allows participants to draw, annotate, and exchange ideas in real-time, which is invaluable for teachers and creative teams.
  4. Security and encryption: Tencent takes meeting data security thoughtfully and uses encryption measures to protect sensitive information. This approach complies with China’s data security regulations, increasing the platform’s attractiveness.
  5. Integration with WeChat and QQ: Tencent Meeting integrates seamlessly with other popular Tencent apps, WeChat and QQ, benefiting users already in the Tencent ecosystem.
  6. Support for large meetings: Tencent Meeting can host meetings with thousands of participants, a feature especially attractive for webinars, government agencies, and educational institutions.
  7. Record and playback: Users can record meetings for later reference, an essential feature for businesses and teachers.
  8. Instant Messaging: An implicit chat feature allows users to communicate during meetings without interrupting the conversation’s progress.

Tencent Meeting Download

Android 1 Google Play

Android or tablet readers can not get Tencent Conference from the Google Play Store.

Voov meeting is available in the store for some Countries, and it’s the international version of the Tencent meeting.

But we can get the APK file on the sites below :

PP Assistant

official site

Android 2 PP Assistant

PP Assistant:  Tencent Conference

We can get an APK from the Alibaba PP Assistant.

Open the store link and uncheck ” Prioritize downloading and installing PP Assistant, which is safer. ”

Tap Normal Download to start downloading.

Note: Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Get Tencent Meeting APK on the PP Associate

Android 3 Official Site

Official site :

It also provides client downloads on the official website.

Open the link above and tap Download Now (bottom).

Tap Download now again, and the Download will begin.

Note 1: On desktop website? Click Download Center at the top, and click the Android key to get the APK.

Note 2: Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.


Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode is particularly strong in the Asian market, while Zoom has a global reach and is famous for its user-friendly interface. LikeeTechNode stands out for its AI-powered features, Microsoft Teams excels at integrating Microsoft’s ecosystem, and Google Meet delivers simplicity and functionality within Google Workspace. When picking an online meeting tool, it’s vital to reflect your specific needs and preferences. As it continues to expand its global attendance and address challenges head-on, it stands as a testament to how technology is reshaping how we connect, collaborate, and conduct business in the 21st century.

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