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The Best Exercises For The Back

Back workouts Write For Us- -A strong back is not only a symbol of strength and power among weightlifters but can also be the key to a great squat, bench press, or deadlift. Building a solid and healthy back, while not an overly complicated process, requires diligent training and an understanding of the intricate muscle groups that make up this vast region to achieve incredible potential without exploding our backs.

This summary aims to help lifters of all levels perfect their training and build a stronger, more muscular, healthier back. In this Best Back Exercise Guide, we will discuss

Why is it Important to Strengthen the Back?

Strengthening the back will be essential to ensure good performance and avoid injuries. The back supports the body, allowing its movement and maintaining stability. It is one of the main muscle groups and on which part of the activity constantly falls, both daily and in sports.

However, its functions do not end there. As already mentioned above, everything is connected. Therefore, everything that affects the back will also affect the rest of the muscle groups. An example of this is the necessary training of the shoulder, another area that needs to be exercised so that it acts as a gear in its connections between the back, arms and chest. The good health of a trained shoulder will result in the correct work of a back that, in turn, will support the weight weighed down by the arms. But in the case of the back, the benefits of exercising will go beyond optimizing physical training.

The Health Benefits of Exercising Your Back

As the back is a strategic point in the body, its role in the body’s health is critical, especially in combating some of the most common ailments of our time, such as back pain and low back pain. Researchers claim that performing back exercises to strengthen it improves the muscle strength needed to support the spine, which has a positive impact on better posture. In addition, flexibility is equally favoured, as well as the range of movement.

[In the case of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise, there is an increase in blood flow that carries nutrients to the soft tissues of the back.] [ In this way, their stiffness, often the cause of their pain, is reduced, and the regeneration and healing of the back are helped.]

Another study focused on patients with chronic back pain ensures that exercise is safe and will not increase injuries. It can relieve pain, in addition to what was previously indicated about flexibility and increased strength.

One-arm Dumbbell Row

The dumbbell row is a recommended exercise to exercise the dorsal muscles of the back, located under the shoulder blades. For more excellent stability and to do it correctly, you can rest one knee and one arm on a horizontal bench, with the other leg resting on the ground. The body must remain with the back straight, while the free arm will do the dumbbell load repetitions. The proper technique consists of raising and lowering the weight with the elbow always aligned concerning the shoulder, without lifting it any further. Then it will be moved to the other arm.

Wide or Open Grip Pull-Up

Pull-ups are an excellent way to work the upper body, although if you want to strain your back, the best option is a comprehensive or open grip. The reason is that these will reduce the action of the arms and require more work from the lats. The pull-ups are performed with the hands separated from each other, beyond the limit imposed by the alignment with the shoulder, and the grip will have to be raised above the chin.

Back Squat

When working on the back area, it is essential not to get lost in the lower back, which is why the back squat will become an aid to strengthen that somewhat more forgotten area. As with the deadlift, this exercise requires the assistance of a professional since its disadvantage is its technical complexity. To practice the back squat, you must establish a safety position, which implies placing the bar on the trapezius and blocking it by slightly tilting your elbows back. Once controlled, you only have to perform a squat carrying the weight.

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