Beauty Influencer Programs– Definition, Strategy, New Trends, And More


Beauty Influencer Programs  – A recent study looks back at the power of influencer marketing in the global beauty industry and outlines seven top priorities for brands. The study ” Influencer Marketing: Lessons from Beauty ” presents the challenges, lessons, and evolution of influencer marketing practices in this particularly advanced sector to help companies in all sectors of activity. , anticipate future developments and implement their influence

The strategy of Beauty Influencer Programs

Based on an analysis of content produced by 1,000 beauty influencers worldwide over the past two years, as well as interviews with brand and agency representatives and high-profile influencers, this study presents the seven priorities for maximizing the impact of their influence

  • Build a data-driven influencer strategy
  • Move from ad-hoc collaboration to building a real relationship with influencers
  • Implement a solid influencer compensation strategy
  • Define the right mix of influencers, based on their typology, for a successful program
  • Roll out an influencer program across different brands and regions
  • Measure results and demonstrate the impact
  • Go beyond promotion and drive innovation with influencers

The Many Faces of Influence in Beauty

The study identified eight types of influencers and the best engagement strategy to adopt for each of them:

fame (e.g., Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid),

  • personal brand (Huda Kattan or Farah Dhukai)
  • the expert (Caroline Hirons or Sam McKnight)
  • the beauty editor (Alessandra Steinherr or Newby Hands),
  • the founder (Emily Weiss or Nic Chapman),
  • the Lifestylist (Sivan Ayla Richards or Calgary Avansino),
  • the opinion leader (Sali Hughes or Gayle Tait)
  • the disruptor (James Charles or Lisa Potter-Dixon)

Influence Doesn’t Happen Overnight

  • The majority of influencers will grow their audience by less than 50% per year
  • 10% of all influencers will lose the audience
  • Only 5% of all influencers, whether they are micro-influencers, rising stars, or leaders, will manage to increase their audience in one year significantly
  • For a micro-influencer to achieve macro-influencer status (over 500,000 followers), it would need to be in the 95th percentile of audience growth for three years. It’s not anything.

What Are The New Trends?

If you’ve spent any time on social media, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed changes in influencer content. Makeup tutorials are no longer necessarily the primary concern of influencer audiences, even if it’s the perfect time to learn new beauty techniques. Beauty Influencer Program discover the other emerging themes from our beauty influencers:

Creativity in the spotlight

Finding yourself trapped between four walls can be an excellent opportunity to step back and take the time to think. For influencers, it’s, above all, the chance to become even more creative

than ever! The creativity of influencer content, the main reason brands collaborate with them, has never been so good! Indeed, influencers are like all of us, in confinement, and they don’t miss an opportunity to think about new formats (hello Instagram Live!) or types of content.

You may have noticed, but online challenges have been buzzing for the past few weeks. They are everywhere, whether these are sports, dance, culinary or other challenges! Let’s look once again at our panel of beauty influencers. It is content talking about these famous challenges that obtain the highest engagement rates (2.13%), far ahead of content mentioning Covid-19 ( 0.49%) or confinement (1.58%) in this second week.

Make Me Laugh If You Can

Despite the circumstances, the influencers have not lost their humor. Many of them give way to sarcasm and self-mockery in this gloomy time. This appeals all the more to the audience.

The evolution of beauty influencer content during the first two weeks of confinement

We have just experienced our first two weeks of confinement in France. Admittedly, getting used to a drastic life change is never easy. Even if some continue to work and make sure to save our country (thank you!), most of the country is in slow motion or even at a standstill, and whether it is one or the other, we must find ways to stay busy.

For my part, I spent more time on social networks to keep a relational and social link with my friends (hello video aperitifs). But also to follow what was happening online, and more specifically, to entertain me through creative activity and valuable information published by influencers.

What Happened Those First Two Weeks Online?

What about influencer marketing, and what are online influencers talking about in these times of crisis? I was interested in watching the online conversations and performances on Traackr

(everyone has their activities, eh) . I first looked at and compared the mentions of the Covid-19 virus and the confinement during the first two weeks, i.e., from March 16 to 29, of 2,700 beauty influencers based in France (or whose audience is mainly found in France) collaborating with the most influential beauty brands. And here is what I observed:

During the first week, mentions relating to confinement were the most numerous among the influencers observed. About 60% of influencers in this category mentioned it in their posts. We count more than 12,000 published content referring to the new way of life of the French.

Influencers may have gotten used to their new way of life and now seem to be more concerned (or worried?) about the virus. However, during the second week, the mentions relating to the Covid-19 virus take the lead concerning confinement. More than 9,500 posts are mentioning the virus against more than 2,200 for containment.

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