Dark Circles- Appearing unsightly, dark circles often give a tired look and a dull, even darkened look. To reduce their appearance, remove them and camouflage them. There are effective natural aids. These natural concealer treatments help decongest the eye contour and eyelids. They also help stimulate blood circulation, which often tends to stagnate in this area and promote under the eyes. We will see in this article how it appears and the natural aids to fight against it. We also share with you a beauty routine to integrate a concealer gel recipe.

They are located just below the eyes and can vary in colour depending on the individual. This colouration is linked to poor blood circulation and disruption of lymphatic circulation. More specifically, the lymph, which ensures the drainage of blood circulation and treats blood waste, no longer functions properly and no longer manages to eliminate the pigments grouped under the skin. Then, dark circles are colored and become blue, yellow, brown or purple.

What Are The Causes Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes


The appearance of dark circles can be linked to multiple factors. A hereditary cuse is possible in some people, especially the Mediterranean type, but very often a blood circulation disorder is caused by an unsuitable lifestyle.


Sleep promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation. Also, a lack of sleep prevents the lymph from circulating well and the blood vessels.  Located at the level of the dark circles become more and more visible, the colour of the blood becomes darker, and they are then more coloured and more visible.

A Bad Lifestyle

Tobacco, alcohol, an unbalanced diet, stress, and prolonged exposure to screens… are just as many risk factors that lead to stagnation of blood circulation and promote the appearance of under the eyes.

The Dehydration

The poor circulation of the lymph creates water retention in the tissues. If proper hydration is not provided to the body, this excess water remains present and leads to the formation of it under the eyes.

Remedies For Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Insofar as dark circles are causes by the presence of melanin, it is advisable to put a total screen on the face during prolonged exposure to the sun. It is not a treatment, but it can limit the development of dark circles when exposed to UV rays.

Cosmetics offers different types of anti-pigmenting (or depigmenting) creams which make it possible to reduce it rather effectively. These act on the superficial part of the excess pigmentation around the eyes.

We have in the office serums that we make to measure (according to the analysis of your skin by analysis tools resulting from research), which will allow their depigmenting, antioxidant and restructuring effects of the dermis to reduce it.

How To Treat Dark Circles?

There are two particularly effective techniques for treating dark circles by filling in, offering a natural result.

In aesthetic medicine, the injection of a filler product such as hyaluronic acid makes it possible to fill the volume deficit effectively.

Another therapeutic solution is cosmetic surgery: lipostructure of darkcircles (also called lipofilling, microlipofilling in the area of it ). This technique consists of removing fat cells from the patient which are then reinjected (we speak of an “autologous graft”) in the area that has a volume deficit.

The malar lift (or centro-facial lift) allows both to treat hollow dark circles (explain by melting of fat under the eye and a relaxation of the tissues) or full dark circles (causes by the ptosis of these fats with sagging skin). This is lifting the central third of the face which repositions the cheekbones, raises the nasolabial fold and treats .

What Are The Different Types Of Dark Circles And Their Causes?

As a result of multiple factors, dark circles are a widespread aesthetic problem, especially in women. Which manifests itself by colouring and congestion of the lower eyelid. We often talk about fatigue and stress, but these are not the only causes of the appearance it.


Dark circles are due to a dysfunction of blood microcirculation and lymphatic fluid in the eye. The lymph ensures the drainage of the blood. Its good circulation and nourishes the tissues of the skin. As soon as the lymphatic system is out of order, it no longer properly eliminates blood pigments. Which then accumulate to form a mass under the thinnest layers of the skin. This dysfunction is all the extra mutual with age or, as we often hear, in a state of fatigue or stress.

Pigmenting dark circles result from an overproduction or poor distribution of melanin, the source of skin colour. The epidermis and the dermis are fragile at eye level; any excess pigment is very easy to see. These tend to appear most often in people with dull or mixed skin.


To fight against the presence, having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your eyes are essential. Hours spent in front of a computer or telephone screen, pollution, climate, brightness, stress, fatigue. All of these elements can accentuate your dark circles and dull your complexion.