Eyelash Extensions–Tips, Benefits, Critical Of Caring, And More

Tips to increase the life of your extensions

Eyelash extensions are excellent and require delicacy. In a nutshell: the less you touch them with your hands, the longer you keep them. Sudden gestures such as rubbing your eyes, pulling your extensions, or crushing them, are all elements that will cause the premature loss of your wings. Follow our tips to increase the life of your eyelash extensions :

The crystallization time of the glue takes up to 48 hours; that is to say, it takes at least 24 hours for the adhesive to be completely dry. If you can wait up to 48 hours, that’s even better! It is, therefore, essential not to put water on your extensions during this period. It is necessary to avoid contact with too much water vapor (sauna, steam room, hot shower) during the first week of applying eyelash extensions. The steam can cause the glue to soften and precipitate the extensions to fall out.

DO NOT USE MASCARA on the extensions. Mascara weighs down lashes, will bother your eyelid area, and damage your extensions.

DO NOT use cotton wool when removing makeup from the eyelids because it will nestle between the extensions and the eyelid.

Make up your eyelid and put on eyeliner, provided you are delicate in your movements and do not have your hand too heavy on the eyeshadow. Continue to live entirely normally,

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions daily: Makes everyday life easier, saving time in the morning

  • For weddings, tears at will
  • For athletes, makeup before and after sport.
  • Resistant to water, sauna, hammam,


treatment Natural and elegant result, perfect to make your daily life easier. Enhancement of the look by acting on the volume the length. The service is painless, and no discomfort is felt. Compatible with people wearing contact lenses.Perfect makeup without the risk of black under the eyes. Black, long and curved eyelashes had a seductive look for several weeks. Makeup eyes from morning to evening.When getting out of bed, the shower, the swimming pool, or the sea, a pretty look.Long, black, and elongated eyelashes

Critical Of Caring Eyelash Extensions

We told you: the less you ask for them, the better. However, certain gestures (if undertaken in moderation) will still help you keep your eyelash extensions more beautiful and longer. So why deprive yourself of it?

This Is What Virginie Generally Advises Her Clients:

To brush their eyelashes with a small brush provided by the house every week. This gesture allows ridding the extensions of any residue likely to accumulate while restoring order to your eyelashes. This product also makes the wings softer, keeps lashes perfectly black, and maintains impeccable hygiene – thus preventing the formation of bacteria. With this installation, the small brush is rarely enough, and dust and other residues tend to lodge much more quickly. To proceed with an eyelash shampoo (available at 15.99 euros on ) – especially when the pose is very voluminous – about twice a week.

it will use a special makeup remover formulated without water when they continue to make up their eyelids despite their extensions while banishing the cotton that would nestle between the beginning of the extensions and the eyelid. Apply a serum when their eyelashes begin to thin under the wings. This will visibly reinforce them after two weeks of application. Be careful, though: whatever care you apply to your eyelash extensions, be sure to do it reasonably and, above all, with the most extraordinary delicacy.

Practical Products For Your Eyelash Extensions

The makeup remover is specially developed for people who wear makeup, even with extensions. It does not contain water and is odorless to avoid damaging the attachments.

Eyelash shampoo. It is a perfect product when you have a Russian Volume eyelash application. Thanks to this shampoo, your synthetic eyelashes stay black and soft all year round. The more time passes, the more the extensions stiffen, and dust can accumulate near the eyelashes. It is essential to clean the eyelashes well to maintain impeccable hygiene and avoid the formation of bacteria.

The serum is made without parabens and silicones. The result will be visible very quickly and will delight you! It allows the natural eyelashes to strengthen considerably after 14 days of application of the product.

Use eyelash extensions as little as possible.

While the first few hours, certain everyday gestures are to be banned, after that, the golden rule is, above all, to solicit eyelash extensions as little as possible. It’s simple: apart from caring for them, try to avoid touching them. If you know you have a bent to sleep on your face, rub your eyes all the time, or even worse: pull on your lashes. You’ll have to try harder. In any case, if you need to make your eyelash extensions profitable.

Also, avoid getting your eyes closed on any fatty substance. According to Virginia: exchanging your two-phase makeup remover for micellar water, or better, a gel-based makeup remover, is essential.”. Other than that, you can continue to live normally! Applying makeup to your eyelids and putting on eyeliner is even still possible, provided that you show delicacy – both during the makeup stage and during the makeup removal stage – which we advise doing with a cotton swab for more precision at eye level.

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