What is Hair Care Routine?

Hair Care Routine – The hair routine is a set of gestures and care products repeated over a more or less long period. It promotes good hair health and stimulates growth. The hair routine can be complete and go through several stages. On the other hand, it is pretty potential to simplify it. You don’t have to do every step of your routine every week. We still recommend taking the time to do it entirely about once a month to give frizzy and mixed hair a little well-deserved boost.

The hair routine to adopt depends on the hair and its needs. Thus, frizzy and ultra-dry hair will need more of a rigorous care routine. At the same time, curly hair that is already in great shape will only require maintenance.

Anyway, a hair routine meets certain rules. The products are applied in a specific order to get their best. Note first of all that it is essential to have clean hair. Indeed, to nourish the roots, the base of the hair, the scalp must breathe. For this, dandruff, pollution, and impurities are not welcome. The same goes for the hair fiber, which needs to be clean to receive care and absorb it.

Hair Routine Treatment

Deep care is hair care that is generally done before shampooing. Also called long-lasting care, it aims to nourish the hair intensely. It is done before the shampoo because it leaves very greasy hair, including afros, mixed and generally dry hair. It is, therefore, necessary to remove the excess by washing them.

Thus, there are different kinds of deep care, depending on the hair’s needs. Indeed, it is advisable to alternate them to provide dry and brittle hair with the contributions they require. Therefore, making a moisturizing mask, a protein mask or an oil bath is possible. The deep treatment is ideal after removing a protective hairstyle. It helps to sheath the hair, invigorate it, and put it back in shape.

Using of  shampoo and cleansing Treatment

Shampooing is an important step in hair care. It is essential to choose the right product. Indeed, when shampooing, frizzy, curly, or curly hair is particularly exposed. Remove the protective products that have been applied to them throughout the week. It is essential to avoid shampoos with alcohol, silicone, or other products that can counter the moisturizing effects. Shampooing is often done in two steps. The first wash is done with a sanitizing shampoo. It removes sebum, pollution, and impurities. The second wash can be done with washing care or co-wash. Its purpose is to hydrate the hair. Thus, frizzy to curly hair is cleaned without being attacked.

Little tip: you can finish your rinse with cold water to close the hair’s cuticle and retain hydration. Making an express shampoo to wait between two shampoos is also imaginable, using only the co-wash.

Important Of The Hair Routine:


The care without rinsing, or leave-in, is moisturizing care to use after the shampoo. The conditioner is highly moisturizing and helps prepare the hair for detangling and styling. It is straightforward to apply, mainly thanks to its liquid or cream texture. On damp hair, distribute it over all the points and lengths. It is not necessary to spread it too much. The excess will be lost because the hair does not absorb infinitely. They take what they need. It is, therefore, better to add more if necessary than apply too much at the start.

Important note for detangling Afro or mixed hair: detangling is always made after a detangling, moisturizing treatment. Adequately hydrated, the hair is fluid and manageable. They have fewer knots, and the comb slides more easily. This helps prevent hair breakage.

Hair Routine Styling Products To Seal In Moisture.

Also crucial during the hair routine, the styling step requires appropriate care. The objective is always the same: moisturizing dry and brittle hair, softening it, and protecting it. Beyond that, they also allow you to finish a hairstyle. They are ideal for finishing curls in particular.

The hair usually is already detangled following the previous steps. However, this treatment can restore some order to the hair during the week. Thus, a styling cream can be used. The styling cream is moisturizing and facilitates styling. It is perfect for realizing protective hairstyles such as braids, vanillas, and weaves.

For finishing, it is also possible to use a brilliantine. It removes frizz and stubborn hair around the face, then shines on the surface of the hair. It seals in the hydration provided by previous treatments and allows a hairstyle to last much longer.

To allow you to have natural products at all stages of your hair routine, YDNA has developed a complete range of care. Thus, whatever your hair needs, you are sure to find what you are looking for, for young and old alike.