Healthy Nails means growing nails well on hands and legs, or Increasing nails become a fashion in the trends and beauty of the model. nowadays all are growing nails and decorating their hands and legs calling that beauty of it and the latest fashion. Applying nail paint with different colors and  Decorating in patterns the many brands, is there beauty cosmo launches nail paint and its brands.

Shapes Of The Nails

Nails  Are Beauty Of Hands, And Legs Shapes Of The Nails  Some Are Mention Below

Square Shape Nail: Nails shapes will be square on hands like a box

Square With Round Edges:-The most common. They look good in all kinds of lengths and can adapt without problems to many styles. The best to avoid ingrown nails. And very flattering for hands with tin fingers.

Round Shape: Nails Shape will be similar to a circle in shape. It looks beautiful on and

Oval Shape:- Oval Nail shapes are nothing but egg shapes on hands. It also looks wounder on the hands

Almonds Shape Nails: An increasingly collective style that stands out for having an outstanding touch and making the fingers longer. They feel good in small and delicate hands. It is a land of long nails, above all.

Tips for Growing Nails

Tips for Growing Nails

Healthy Nails are  Wearing long, lovely, and well-groomed nails is one of the main ranges of women. We show you some tricks on how to grow your nails quickly.

Lemon: Lemon juice is very beneficial. If we mix a spoonful of olive oil in lemon juice and apply it twice a week, then the nails must get bigger and more, and they get a good healthy life

Garlic: It is also very beneficial to increase the nails and keep them healthy. Take two cloves, make it a thick paste and apply it to your nail. After some time, put two lemons on it, it will be very beneficial, and your nails will grow out soon

Coconut Oil: By applying coconut oil is a good Moisturizes of the nails and can avoid fungal infection, and an excellent strong nail will come, and it will not have any problem, it is considered easy to move forward, massage should be done on the pin with  Coconut oil and better than any No solution for that and healthy  Nails.

Apple cider vinegar:  it is also a very good remedy for growing nails. We can dilute half a glass of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, mix well and soak the nails for about 15 minutes. The pins will be healthier and will grow stronger.

Good Food for Healthy And Strong Nails

  • Red meat. Rich in protein and iron.
  • Berries, salmon, Almonds and Eggs
  • Wheat germ.
  • Beer yeast.
  • Flax seeds and nuts.

What Fruit Makes Nails Grow?

Avocado. Its high content of vitamin C, K, B, and E and vegetable proteins, help nails grow much healthier and more robust.


It is to be explained in the complete introduction to have Good and Healthy nails. We should take a good diet and strong our nails in a good way, only then can we get good nails and fulfill our mission, nowadays  Trends are significant and long-staple. If we do not grow and decorate with it, we should also adopt these tips and remedies if we want to adopt a lifestyle from it.

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