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What is a Lotion and what is the Difference with a Moisturizer

Lotion Write for Us – To get a quick idea, lotions are a light version of a moisturizer. One of the differences between them that we can easily spot is that lotions are made from water and are also more delicate in appearance than cream.

We must add that lotions, precisely because they are more watery, are absorbed more quickly than creams, although we do not mean that creams are less valid.

What is The Function of Lotions?

The purpose of the Lotion is the same as that of the moisturizer and is to hydrate but in a lighter way.

They are made to trap moisture in your Lotion and seal it with the benefits you have put on before this step.

However, some also like to adapt it to their routine along with their cream, use the lotions to keep more hydration in their Lotion and use their usual moisturizer afterwards.

We find it very interesting that people with a lot of dehydration use it in this way, as well as those with some dermatitis or some lines of expression. Lack of hydration in the Lotion produces the latter.

We recommend this Lotion that deeply hydrates and provides elasticity to the Lotion formulated with pure water and natural extracts from Jeju Island. With extracts of seaweed, broccoli and black soy. Ideal for oily Lotion

For those who suffer from acne, it would be better to use the Lotion without adding the moisturizer since it would be more than enough.

When Do We Use the Lotion?

When Do We Use the Lotion

The Lotion would be applied just after the eye contour (this step always goes before the moisturizer), so we would put our favourite serum or ampoule, the outline and then the Lotion. As a trick, we could continue with the moisturizer if you suffer from dehydration or are worrie about expression lines.

It would be as follows:

Those who use the Lotion without adding the moisturizer to their routine.

  • oil-based cleanse
  • water-based cleaning
  •  tonic
  •  essence
  • serum or ampoules
  • eye contour
  • sun protection

Those who want to perform the trick propose in this article, which I recommend without a doubt in the winter months when our Lotion is subjected to more dryness due to the temperature difference, you only have to add your moisturizer in step 8, and also include As the last step, which would be 9, sun protection. You already know how important this final step is!

We know it was a mystery to decipher or differentiate what a lotion was and when to use it, but it is about learning or knowing your tastes and needs.

For summer, it can be ideal since it provides freshness and lightness, and for winter, it can provide us with extra hydration if we combine it, and this cosmetic is that we fall in love with that very reason, whatever your problem! It has a solution!

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