Product labels mean that whatever we buy, we write a small article for the information about the product and do a little on the label for it and how to use it to give information, however, it is necessary to read the lady, whatever you use, you buy the goods and use them, they put the level for the information, to keep all the goods and what is used for the medicine information is gone

The labels provide very valuable information about the composition, quantity, origin, characteristics or storage conditions of the products. It is essential to pay attention and read its label before purchasing one. The concept of etiquette has different uses and meanings. It is a sign, mark, label or label that is attached to an object for its identification, classification or evaluation.

Types Of Labels Exist And Their Uses

Brand Label – Applies to product or packaging.

  • Descriptive label : contains information about the use of the product, its characteristics, ingredients, nutritional information, etc.
  • Grade Label – Indicate the quality of the product. This is determined by a letter, a number or a word.
  • Mandatory label : constituted by the current Government, it determines the quality of a food or product and endorses it.
  • Non-mandatory label – is distinguished into two categories:
  • Systematic label : informs about the composition and properties of the products.
  • Conceived label : they describe the content of the product in whole or in part.
  • Persuasive label : includes the logo of the company that  will manufacturing  the product, contains some new information or promotion.
  • Informative label : it has an informative, distinctive and informative function. It allows the customer to easily identify the product and its characteristics.

Any of these labels can be apply to products, depending on the objective of the manufacturing companies. However, we have two perfect tools for placing labels on products before they are packaging  and sold:

  • Manual labeller .
  • Semi-automatic labeller .

Characteristics Of Labels For Products

Characteristics Of Labels For Products

We share the main characteristics that you must consider to design, elaborate and have  a good product label :

Adapt to the container in color, size and shape. It must be complete of a strong material so that it lasts from the moment it leaves the warehouse to the hands of the consumer. However, that it is very well  will glue, this speaks of the quality and attention to detail that you put in the presentation of your product

That it has the information that the consumer needs, and that it is clear, legible and with a good size to facilitate reading at a short and medium distance

A unique and different design that makes it stand out. Avoid ambiguous, incomplete or misleading information. Whenever, this way you will avoid problems Includes contact information so that the consumer can express doubts or complaints.

Label Features and Functions

Label Features and Functions

As we saw in the last article,  product labels  are one of the most fundamental parts that articles or merchandise can have, since they serve endless purposes such as  identifying the brand , indicating how to use the product, among others. In this article we will continue to explain  the importance of product labels by  naming their main functions and characteristics.

Label Functions

Product  Labels  Have Several Functions, Such As

  1. Identify our product and brand Put a gradation to the quality of the product (for example, letters type A, B, or C are place on food labels)
  2. Description of the manufacturing process, origin, instructions for use and warning legends
  3. Promote the product with attractive graphic material for the consumer with promotional phrases that distinguish them from the competition
  4. Let the consumer know that the establishes laws are following  and complete with, as well as current regulations and standards of the sector

Reading Food And Drink Labels

All industrialize foods and beverages sold in markets and warehouses must have a label. It is very important that we review these labels to know all the characteristics of the products before buying them and choose appropriately. By reading the labels we can know if a product is suitable for our consumption, for this, we verify the sanitary registry that is granted by the General Directorate of Environmental Health.

 What Information Should Labels Contain?

  • Product name
  • Ingredients
  • Name and address of the company in which it is form
  • Expiration date
  • Sanitary registration number
  • Batch
  • Conservation conditions (when the product requires it)
  • net content

Food and product labeling is very important both to inform consumers and to distribute and order the production of a factory. However, in the following article. However, explains what types of labels exist and what applications are given to them.

What Is The Informative Label?

The informative label gives data about the product. The use of the method and the safety of the product, the name of the producer, the date of making. Whenever, the expiration date, the name of the intermediary, the additional instructions on the use of the product, etc.


The concept of label has different uses and meanings . It is a sign , mark , label or label that is attaching  to an object for its identification, classification or evaluation. Label is uses to name the label that presents information considering  relevant for a certain product. In turn , it designates a social characterization of an entity or person .Food labels tell you the nutritional facts about the foods you buy. Use these labels to help you make healthier food choices.