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Rose water for hair  – Since Antiquity, the rose has been the most symbolic flower. It represents the woman, the softness, the tenderness and, of course, the love par excellence. The Romans took baths in rose petals and rubbed their bodies with the powder of dried rose petals to soften their skin and perfume it.

The rose has always been attribute to virtues, which live not only linked to its perfume. The most widely used rose in cosmetics is the Damascus rose (or Rosa Damascena), or the rose cultivated for a long time in Grasse, known as the May rose (or Rosa Centifolia).

Rose water, also called hydrolat, is a by-product obtain after distilling the petals to extract their essence. Rose water is the liquid residue obtained after the essence extraction. A brief overview of the properties and virtues of rose water.

Properties of Rose Water for Hair

Rose water for hair is composed of nerol oxide. It also contains a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Rose water for hair is known for its protective properties on cell membranes:

It has soothing properties on the epidermis and scalp and calms diffuse redness and inflammation.

It also has a slightly astringent effect on the blood vessels.

Its use is also beneficial for treating sensitive scalps and dry, dull hair.

Moroccan women mix it with a Moroccan bath, this clay with cleansing and purifying properties, to perfume it and soften their hair.

Choosing the Best Rose Water for Hair

When you choose your product, ensure it is hydrosol, that is, the residue obtained after the distillation process, and not simply essential oil mixed with water.

Hydrosol has many more active ingredients, and the treatment will be more effective on your hair.

Like all essences, rose water is sensitive to light and heat. If exposed, it may lose its properties. Take the precaution of storing it in the refrigerator or a cool place away from sunlight.

Rose Water to Protect your Hair

Rose water for hair has a beneficial effect on dry hair:

It activates the sebaceous glands’ sebum production, which covers and helps protect your hair from external aggressions.

The hair is fortified, more supple and more radiant.

Rose water for hair also stimulates hair growth and contributes to thicker hair.

Pour a little rose water into your palms, then gently massage the scalp when it is dry for about ten minutes. Then extend the application on the lengths and ends.


Rose water for hair does not need to be rinsed off. It will leave a delicate fragrance on your hair. There are no disadvantages to renewing this treatment several times a week.

Benefits of Rose Water for Hair and Skin

What is rose water for hair?

Rose water, known since the 10th century according to some or even Antiquity according to others, originates from Iran and is cultivate today in different countries, from Turkey to Morocco. To claim the name “rose water”, it must be compose of 10 to 50% rose oil. Rose water, also call rose hydrosol, is obtaine after distillation with water vapour from the petals. The effort is not tiny since to extract a litre from it, 400 roses are necessary.

At the end of this distillation, we obtaine two products that should not be confused: rose floral water (hydrolate) and rose essential oil. If the hydrosol converses both the perfume and the benefits of the rose, it is nevertheless less concentrated and less potent than the essential oil.

Rose water has made a name for itself on the Middle East and the Maghreb tables, where it flavours desserts of cream and pasta or even ice cream, and even certain poultry dishes – a delight. !

Far from our plates – but rather on the bathroom side, it is in cosmetics that we pay very particular attention to it, particularly to the Damask rose (Rosa Damascena) and the Centifolia (cent-leaf rose or May). Indeed, it is reputed to have beneficial powers both on the skin and on the hair. No study has been carried out to confirm the virtues attribute to it. We will, however, detail its dream characteristics between fantasy and reality.

Rose Water for the Skin

Used for centuries, rose water is known to bring a boost of radiance to the skin as well as to smooth and revitalize the features.

Thus, it is credite with antioxidant capacities that would reduce the first wrinkles. Applied daily, for example, as a substitute for micellar water, adding argan or sweet almond oil would illuminate the complexion and tighten the pores. It is said that it would effectively cleanse the skin. It would also adapt to all skin types, from dry skin to mature skin, on which it would act while preserving suppleness and youthfulness.

Rose water would also have soothing virtues that calm redness and itching due to its polyphenol content and relieve irritated skin. Its moisturizing action would therefore be ideal for repairing the damage caused by severe sun exposure. It is rich in vitamin A, particularly Damascus rose water, which protects the skin from free radicals. It would maintain the quality of collagen, and this protein targets many anti-ageing cosmetics.

On the ocular side, it would sublimate just as well the delicate skin of the eyes and their contour by blurring the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Rose Water for Hair

Rose water for hair would be as decent for your hair as it is for your skin, especially if you have problems with dry hair or flaking (plaques, dandruff). It would sincerely treat irritated scalps and relieve inflammation, making your scalp healthy and healthy. It would also fight against hair loss thanks to its vitamin C content by strengthening the hair follicles and stimulating blood circulation.

Revitalize, the scalp is all the more resistant, and its growth is sustaine. It will thus thicken your hair.

Rose water would create a barrier against external aggressions, thus protecting the hair by activating sebum production in the sebaceous glands, which sheaths the hair. The hair is more supple, fortified, and radiant with health.

Velvet Rose is a Certified Organic Fragrance with a Floral and Resolutely Elegant Trail

Now that you know its many virtues understand that the Queen of flowers has its Eau de Parfum Acorelle: Velvet Rose. Resolutely elegant and short-lived, it is a fruity and floral fragrance that reveals an organic fragrance with the heightened femininity of an airy, subtle and modern Rose.

It is a luminous creation that sublimates the scent of Rosebuds, intertwined with vibrant notes of Pink Pepper, Mandarin and Litchi. At its heart, a floral accord of Violet, Geranium and Peony combines skillfully with Raspberry and Cherry Blossom delicacy.

Finally, Peach, Cedar and Vanilla warm up the whole with a powdery, tenderly regressive, enveloping base.

Rose water: its Therapeutic Virtues

Rose water would also have a medicinal dimension since it gives regenerating and antibacterial properties. In addition, it also said to be anti-migraine and healing. In addition, it would promote digestive transit, thus preventing constipation. Finally, it would be an excellent relaxant for anyone looking to unwind.

Rose water for hair with more than one string to its bow. Triumph of nature, an eternal symbol of love. The rose allows you to extend your gestures of affection by refocusing on yourself. We no longer count the possible variations around rose water to take care of ourselves, from the root of the hair to the last centimetre of skin. And, of course, don’t miss out on its olfactory-therapeutic virtues expressed in Velvet Rose Eau de Parfume: harmonizing, it promotes self-esteem and enthusiasm.


I want to write in my content that rose water is good for hair and scalp. Glowing skin and a natural and shining face. It represents the woman, the softness, the tenderness and, of course, the love par excellence. Rose water for hair known for its protective properties on cell membranes. It has soothing properties on the epidermis and scalp and calms diffuse redness and inflammation. It also has a slightly astringent effect on the blood vessels. Its use is also beneficial for treating sensitive scalps and dry, dull hair. Moroccan women mix it with a Moroccan bath. This clay has cleansing and purifying properties to perfume and soften its coats. Rose water is resolutely elegant and short-lived. It is a fruity and floral fragrance. That reveals an organic fragrance with the heightened femininity of an airy, subtle, modern Rose.

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