The Role Of The Provider

Seniors Are Safer In Assisted Living Facilities  – To set up a remote assistance service, establishments can call on a security company. This company manages all alerts (fall, faintness, dizziness, etc.) to notify emergency services or a medical platform if necessary. It ensures the proper technical functioning of the solution through regular tests.

The security provider can also train the establishment’s staff to react during an incident. Presence and listening 24 hours a day, combined with proven security technologies, are fundamental criteria to entirely reassure residents and their families.

Living Environment And The Safety Of The Elders

Living Environment

When looking at the safety of the elderly, the living environment of seniors is the first subject to consider. Indeed, preventive measures can reduce the risk of falls, the leading cause of death for people over 65. At home, in complete safety, it is also possible for seniors. Here are some belongings to think about and ways to help make living spaces for seniors more secure.

Accidents Of Everyday Life: Seniors First Concerned

Less publicized than road accidents, everyday accidents are the third leading cause of death in France, just after cancer and strokes (cerebrovascular accidents). Each year, they cause 20,000 deaths, 75% of which concern people over 65.

Mainly targeted by these accidents, seniors are nevertheless very ill-prepared. However, there are solutions to secure the living spaces of seniors. This is the observation made by Muriel Bouin, deputy director of Calyxis, a resource and expertise center dedicated to preventing personal risks in everyday life. She observes that seniors live in the present time. They want to spend on decoration for their interior but are not ready to consider fitting out work to anticipate their reduced autonomy. When asked how old they feel, they say they are ten years younger!

At first sight, pleasing, this beautiful vitality is not without drawbacks. Indeed, it does not encourage taking preventive measures for the safety of the elderly in housing and, in particular, limiting the risk of falling. However, falls are the leading cause of hospitalization and mortality among the elderly, with 9,000 deaths per year. Most often, it occurs in the living environment of seniors.

Fall Prevention For Senior Safety

Seniors Are Safer In Assisted Living Facilities; however, common-sense advice for arranging an older adult’s home can considerably reduce the risk of accidents. Indeed, reasonable precautions often help minimize the risk of falls for seniors—a few tips for securing your home.


It must be lit even if you are just temporarily through a room. The solution for rooms with little traffic is the presence of detectors and light paths. It is now easy to find light bulbs with motion detectors. Easy to install and inexpensive, these simple means are relevant for the safety of the elderly in the dark.

Slide Hunt

As for the carpets, it is not necessary to remove them. They can be fixed with double-sided tape. Even better, a carpet underlay (a non-slip grid) can be installed! Watch out for trailing electrical wires or slippery tiles.

Safe Stairs

Installing a ramp is the first instinct to increase the safety of the elderly. If necessary, an inclined plane will facilitate access to the front door, which is practical when you have a trolley or groceries to bring into the house.


Non-slip floor coverings and walk-in showers are essential for suitable accommodation for vulnerable people. The bathtub can be equipped with a bath board to secure its access. Easy to install, the models on offer adapt to most bathtubs. With a non-slip coating and an ergonomic seat, it is a straightforward solution for securing access to the bathtub.

Other Living Assistance of Seniors Safety

Remote Assistance

Seniors Are Safer In Assisted Living Facilities; the remote assistance device can take different forms pendants, clips, bracelets, and the remote assistance device. The principle is the same each time. The subscriber activates an alarm button when needed. In return, it is call via the device (and not the telephone). If necessary, the center contacts relatives or emergency services. Some devices even provide fall detectors that alert the control unit without the alarm button. Many companies offer telecare services. Therefore, do not hesitate to compare the rates, the alerts deliveries, and the adequacy between these services and your lifestyle (sedentary or more active, etc.).

Always More With Home Automation

Always More With Home Automation

New home automation equipment is particularly suite to the living environment of seniors. Automatic closing roller shutters, presence detectors, and smoke detectors are now classics in the home of the elderly. More advanced devices are developing to assist the elderly and reassure relatives or carers. Without replacing the presence of home help, this equipment allows those around you to remotely control specific equipment, such as the heating. Or even to be informing remotely about particular actions, such as opening the refrigerator. This will therefore make it possible to ensure that the older person maintains an adequate lifestyle, without forgetting meals, for example, a particularly reassuring device when a senior is faced with memory loss problems.

Adapt Your Lifestyle For More Security

Beyond the adaptation to the living environment of seniors, it is a whole way of life that must be adept at optimizing the safety of the elderly. Physical activity is one of them.

Present throughout France, the Siel Bleu association offers, for example, gymnastics lessons adapted to the elderly and provided in gymnasiums, nursing homes, and senior residences with services or hospitals. These classes help seniors maintain or regain mobility. They allow the work of balance, the learning of good postures, and good movements, in particular, to get up in complete safety. Beyond physical activity, these sessions are also an opportunity to bond with others, seniors or younger. Moving is also a perfect way for seniors to stay home safely.

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