Shampoos to give a second life to your colored hair. The shampoos for Coloured Hair are a daily gesture is one of the first to damage our brand new hair color, but it can also become your best ally to keep it! This is not necessarily an absolute truth! Very often, coloring damages the hair fiber due to the chemical agents that compose it. This is particularly the case if there is an oxidant in the ingredients or if you have made a discoloration.

To have beautiful hair, you must adopt hair care adapted to your routine, including shampoo. It will be necessary to avoid attacking the scalp and the hair with a stripping shampoo and favor mild shampoos.

Method Of Use Shampoos For Colored Hair

Method Of Use Shampoos For Colored Hair

Applying Shampoo

Gently massage the scalp with your fingers (without insisting). Leave the shampoo for 2-3 minutes: there’s no point in having too long an exposure time because it’s not an action (it’s like leaving the soap on when washing your hands). Finally, do not forget to rinse your hair thoroughly. Use cold water with a bit of white vinegar.

The Alternative: Coloring Conditioners

Even softer for your hair, the instructions for conditioners for colored hair are the same, i.e., a quick exposure time and rinsing. We are working this time on the reflections, so do only if you still have your color! If your shade has already faded, it won’t be beneficial.

Complete Hair Care With A Moisturizing Mask

To take care of your hair after coloring, you must rub on moisturizers to wet your hair. The hair mask moisturizes brittle and weakened hair. It can be vegetable oils (coconut oil, castor oil), but avoid coconut milk as a hair mask because it disgorges the color.

All methods are the same to take a hair bath mostly. With a nice color comes weakened hair that requires special care. Let’s talk about it! How to give your hair fibers the same tone as before while sporting beautiful shimmering and vibrant colors? We have a very simple solution: a good shampoo for colored hair, to be used preferably with the hair care range of the same brand, if possible from the same range.

Choosing a shampoo for colored hair of natural origin means choosing gentler care for hair that is already irritated and sensitive due to coloring. We discover with pleasure all the beauty of a Vegan shampoo made in France , benefiting from the PETA certification meaning that the product has not been tested on animals. Indeed, this shampoo’s sulfate, silicone, paraben, and dye-free formula allow a thorough hair cleaning without attacking it.

Counteract Fading Color

You must choose unique products to restore their shine to prevent your hair color from becoming dull after a few shampoos. We select references that re-pigment your hair. The choice of shampoo will therefore depend on the hair color you have just done. I therefore recommend that you use these treatments sparingly , in addition to a more classic shampoo. The rest of the time, choose a mild shampoo or natural care, which will not attack your sensitive scalp. Farewell, light hair.

The depigmenting treatment will add pigments and revive a color specifically. I like Mulato treatments: they have depigmenting care red, brown, etc.

What Shampoo For Hair Colored With Henna?

As with a chemical coloring, you must choose a mild shampoo, and if possible, an ORGANIC shampoo to stay in products with components of natural origin.

Homemade shampoo for colored hair

For once, we are not talking about re-pigmentation: the objective of a homemade shampoo for colored hair will be to cleanse and have a nourishing effect, if possible, gently. Many online recipes are made with egg yolk, white or cider vinegar, or even hair oil—the blue shampoo for the blonde who turns. If your color turns red or yellow for blondes, you can also use blue shampoos that will counterbalance warm hues, to give cold reflections.

Space out shampoos

The coloring dries out your hair, which will therefore tend to be greaseless quickly, unless, on the contrary, it causes an over-production of sebum to protect the hair fiber. I advise you to space the shampoos, which will also preserve the color longer

Ideally, you can start with two shampoos per week (i.e., every 3/4 days), or even three days if you ever find that your mane is too oily. If you manage to space out more, it’s even better! Your scalp will be less stripped, and the color will bleed less.