Short Head Bicep Exercises – The desire to increase arm strength is widespread. However, you can employ a variety of workouts to strengthen the muscles in your arms due to the complexity of the many muscle groups. One of these muscles is the bicep, which has short and long heads.

Depending on what you want to achieve—more growth or definition, isolation, or strength—there are several techniques to exercise each head separately or simultaneously. Today, we’ll review some terrific short head bicep exercises to get you started and some supportive advice on training your short-head biceps.

Bicep Long Versus Short Head Bicep Exercises

Bicep Long Versus Short Head Bicep Exercises

As previously mentioned, the inner arm comprises the short-head and long-head biceps. Before completing long or short head bicep exercises, they must be aware of their differences because they affect their location and how they work and respond to exercise.

When curling an object with your elbow bent, your short head begins to contract before your long biceps (for example, a dumbbell curl). Once other muscles start to tire, it works hard to reduce their range of motion while assisting in further bending your elbow.

As a result, the short head doesn’t aid in straightening your arm; for this reason, most short head bicep exercises require shortening the arm rather than lengthening it.

Once the short head is engaged, and its range of motion is reduced, the long head begins to contract, and both long and short biceps cooperate to assist you in further straightening your elbow.

So even though they play separate roles during the movement, any exercise that involves shortening and lengthening can be beneficial in targeting both the short and long head.

The Short Head Bicep Exercises: What Is It?

The Short Head Bicep Exercises

You can bend your arm more easily thanks to the short head of the bicep, which is situated on the inside of your arm. Given that it attaches to the shoulder and has a limited range of motion, this short head is conside temporary.

The short head will be engaged before the long head while performing any curl exercise that requires raising something with both arms, such as a dumbbell curl. Even though it is already working hard during this movement, it may still help you bend your elbow more after other muscles tire.

As a result, if you’re searching for an exercise to strengthen this specific area of your bicep, you’ll want something that will not only focus on reducing its range of motion but also a movement that includes moving your elbow in a restricted area.

The shorthead bicep exercises serve a similar function to the short-head. Still, because its muscle fibres extend from the shoulder to the elbow, they are more critical in aiding arm flexion.

This means that during a dumbbell curl or other lifting activity, when the short head contracts first, the long head will eventually take over. In contrast, the short head continues to be actively engaged and attempts to minimize its range of motion. Therefore, if both parts are used simultaneously, the long muscle bundle on this particular component will exert more force than the short head because of its length.

This suggests that adding more fibers will limit its range of motion, forcing it to contract with even more power! This is why exercises that require you to shorten your head and bend your elbows with both arms can work on your long and short-head biceps.

Why Target Short Head Bicep Exercises During Training?

Why Target Short Head Bicep Exercises During Training


Short head bicep exercises are popular among people who want to make their arms look more rounded. However, because the short head produces a crossover effect when it contracts, many bodybuilders dislike it and view it as the adversary.

This crossover effect occurs when the short head not only reduces its range of motion but also prompts the long lead to do the same, ultimately reducing the additional reduction the short leader is capable of.

Because of this, completing an exercise that requires both the short and long heads simultaneously will result in less stress being place on the short head than if only the long and short chairs were constructe simultaneously. The

Another reason people enjoy training short or long heads is to gain strength, either in preparation for arm wrestling competitions (with a short head) or to make their arms appear more rounded (with short and long head biceps). Many bodybuilders aim to add heft to their bicep muscles to achieve overall more significant components. However, the short/long head can only do much for this.

The ideal strategy to train your entire bicep muscle is to shorten it simultaneously. The short and long heads by combining short and long head exercises. The easiest way to perform this workout is with a barbell, starting with the arms at the side and doing short head bicep exercises and curls with a limited range of motion.

Now that you know the differences between short-head and long-head biceps and how various exercises can shorten or lengthen a person’s head let’s look at some exercises that specifically target the short or long head.

Short Head Bicep Exercises – Most Effective

You should concentrate on two short-head workouts for this component. Since the short head bicep exercises have a short and restricted range of motion and can be quick and extended depending on. How engaged One that concentrates on shortening exclusively, like a chin-up, and one that shortens its range of motion by shortening and bending your elbow with both arms (such as an upright row, which we will cover shortly).

upright rowing

This exercise is excellent for exercising the small head of the bicep while reducing its range of motion because you are using both arms, which causes your elbow to shorten and bend.

Hold a barbell at shoulder width in front of you to perform this bicep short head exercise.

Chin up

Chin up

In contrast to an upright row, which shortens and bends the head, this exercise only aims to shorten the head’s range of motion. If concentrating alone on reducing its range of motion is insufficient to work the short head, moving to an exercise that focuses solely on reducing the short head should be able to solve the problem. One of these quick head exercises is the chin-up.

Use a supinated or overhand grip with your hands shoulder-width apart to do this (palms facing you). Pull yourself up till your chin is above the bar with your elbows wide. Maintaining your back straight the entire time. Then, lower yourself until you hang with your arms fully extended.

After completing the necessary repetitions. Move to the second arm without putting the first one down (leaving it rested against your lower thigh).


By shortening and bending your elbow. This short head bicep exercise is excellent for reducing the range of motion of the short head. To execute this, stand tall and grasp a cable column in front of you with one hand (using an overhand grip). And the curl bar itself with the other (using a supinating grip or letting palms face forward).

Then, bend at the hips and lower your torso until it is virtually parallel to the ground. While keeping your elbows tucked close to your torso and chest, thrust forward. In this position, you’re about to squat. Then, when you stand up again, lift both hands toward your shoulders, maintaining them there while you do so.

 Incline Dumbbell Curl

By shortening while also bending your elbow, this short head bicep exercises is excellent for reducing the range of motion. To perform this, sit on an inclined bench with a dumbbell on each thigh.

When your torso is nearly parallel to the ground. As if you were ready to perform a squat, bend at the hips and raise yourself back up. While maintaining a straight back and a forward-facing chest. After completing the necessary repetitions. Please move to the second arm without putting the first one down (leaving it resting against your lower thigh).

Short Head Bicep Exercises – Dumbbell variations

Reverse curls

The reverse curl uses a reverse hold on the dumbbell to carry out a typical curl movement, as demonstrated below. Throughout this motion, the knuckles are pointed upward.

The range of motion is comparable but somewhat smaller than a standard curl. The capacity is slightly constrained because the hand starts and terminates the movement in a pronate position.

According to this study, the brachialis preferentially contracts in the pronated position while the biceps heads contract less actively.

Hammer curls

Hammer curls

The hammer curl allows for elbow flexion while keeping the hand neutral. This places more of the burden on the brachialis.

The hammer curl both accentuates and conceals the long head of the biceps. Hammer curls specifically target the brachialis, which is the cause of this. It is possible to concentrate on the brachialis muscle group. Which is located behind the long biceps head and pushes. The long head is upward to add heft to the outer arm.

The biceps’ long head’s activation is what causes the immediate impact. During the hammer curl, the long head of the biceps will continue to contract. And exert force throughout the whole range of motion. As a result, doing this exercise will also result in the long head of the biceps growing and hypertrophy.

Another piece of advice is to lessen the weight gradually. This movement’s eccentric phase should be performed slowly (over 5 seconds or so) to maximize brachialis activation. And minimize attention to the biceps.

Why Short Head Bicep Exercises Are Necessary For Arm Strength?

Most of your forearm’s supination power. Which you require to carry out numerous daily chores comes from the short head bicep. Short head bicep exercises shortening shortens the short head by reducing its range of motion without shrinking. The long head is the way chin-ups would, but it also concentrates on trimming your elbow.

It also reduces the range of motion by shortening and bending your elbow, similar to an upright row. However, unlike this exercise, which doesn’t involve a concentration curl. And would instead focus on engaging your brachialis and brachioradialis (forearm flexors) muscles. It focuses on working both heads instead of just reducing the short head.


Short head bicep exercises are necessary for the proper definition of the muscle. It includes various body weight and heavy weight workouts. The inner muscle of the bicep is known as a short head. Therefore, training is necessary to maintain fitness and good health. In addition, bicep short head exercises help provide the proper cut and differentiate the brachialis.