Somatic Therapy Exercises – Somatic therapy is a body-focused approach that may be particularly helpful if you have chronic stress or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Bodily therapy, aka somatic experiencing, was initially developed.

Somatic means “to deal with the body.” As a form of psychotherapy, somatic therapy is a way of affecting emotional change through the body. Therefore, bodily therapy of any significance works directly with the body. Talk therapy can be collected with mind-body exercises to holistically treat PTSD and other mental health issues.

Somatic therapy theorizes that trauma from the past causes instability in the autonomic nervous system (ANS). However, if you will have practice trauma, you may feel the emotional and physical effects of this instability. Our body’s natural response to a threat is extremely helpful for immediately dangerous experiences, but the nervous system can get stuck in a state of tension, excitement, or shutdown.

Somatic Therapy Exercises – The Main Principles

The method is based on two main components: awareness through movement (PCM) and functional integration (FI). FI sessions are done individually and use touch. In contrast, PCM sessions are done in groups and aim to help individuals focus their attention on their internal sensations and get to know themselves better.

According to Feldenkrais, incomplete or impaired motor functioning leaves marks on all biological functions, such as breathing or digestion, and even how to make love or behave in society. In Feldenkrais, it is not a question of “correcting” someone but of engaging them in the discovery process, allowing them to find their functionality. Indeed, most adults do not use “their mechanics” in the best way.  Whenever the optimal functioning of this mechanism relies, to a large extent, on mobility between the different body segments. The Feldenkrais method focuses precisely on the relative mobility between these different segments. She uses some simple self-education strategies to improve this mobility.

Somatic Therapy Exercises – Benefits

Somatic Therapy Exercises - Benefits

Not strictly speaking a therapy, the Feldenkrais Method is not indicated to treat a specific health problem but can be used as a complementary approach (parallel to treatment) for several affections.

Assist In Functional Rehabilitation.

Case studies have demonstrate that the Feldenkrais Method would be a potentially helpful addition to rehabilitation or recovery from injury or surgery2. Although Feldenkrais sessions appear safe in most cases, individuals with chronic conditions, recent injuries, or recovering from surgery should discuss with their primary care physician before embarking on a therapeutic program with the Feldenkrais Method.

Improve The Psychological State Of Individuals Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis

The results of a randomized clinical study carry out on 20 subjects suffering from multiple sclerosis demonstrates an improvement in the rate of depression and anxiety in patients who will practice the Feldenkrais method3 for eight weeks. On the other hand, the practice of the method would not benefit the patients’ symptoms and functional capacity.

Improve The Body Perception Of Individuals With Eating Disorders

A randomized clinical study in patients with eating disorders will  compare a group using the Feldenkrais Method to a control group receiving standard treatment. The first has better tamed the areas of their body perceives as “problematic.” However,  we also will note greater physical ease, which translating  into an improvement in their perception and acceptance of their body. However, it is not clear that eating habits have change.

Improve Physical Well-Being

This method would improve flexibility and mobility (neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs), reduce pain and discomfort causes  by neuromuscular problems, increase the efficiency of movements and develop a better sensory perception (ability to listen to oneself concerning the environment).

Types Of Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy takes many forms. From ancient Eastern practices to recently  developing Western techniques, beneficial somatic therapies can be found in almost every culture. The following list is just a sample of the many somatic therapies available.

  • Massage
  • Postural integration
  • Sensory awareness
  • Mind-body centering
  • Dance
  • Kinetic consciousness
  • Martial Arts
  • Ayurveda
  • Yoga
  • Polarity therapy
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Reiki
  • Acupressure
  • somatic experience
  • moving meditation
  • Neurosomatic therapy
  • Somatic gene therapy
  • Conditions Treats

Some somatic therapies help treat specific physical illnesses (inherited or acquire). Often, bodily therapy is uses  to help people who have experiencing  trauma or abuse. People with PTSD, in particular, can benefit from these types of techniques. However, somatic therapy can also be uses effectively for people with depression, anxiety, addictions, relationship issues, and other mental health conditions. It is particularly useful for any disorder affecting people physically or energetically. For example, people who are bothering  by unexplaining pain often get relief from somatic therapy.

Talk Therapy Combined With Somatic Therapy

In conjunction with somatic therapy, psychotherapy can help you deal with trauma, pain, or changes in your physical health. Specifically, talk therapy can help you:

  • learning to embrace life again after recovering from a disease causing  by genetics.
  • Gain a better perspective on your illness’s mental health and relationship issues.
  • Learn relaxation techniques to help reduce tension and deal with stress more effectively.
  • Improve social skills and reduce any isolation from your trauma, pain, or illness.
  • Decide how you want to live now and take positive steps towards your future.


A bodily therapist can help you regain your health and access the power of your body and mind. With the help of an analyst, you can live a healthy life on all levels and reap the emotional benefits of overcoming many types of suffering. Soon you can be on your way to a happier, calmer, freer, and more satisfying life. Take the first step today.

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