Blue Peekaboo Hair – There are countless basic things in life that flash bliss, whether a morning mug of espresso, another bundle via the post office, or sitting in your colours seat for a pristine tone. Around here at, we’re continuously considering previously unheard-of ways of playing with our hair tone with minimal measure of responsibility.

If you’re searching for something unpretentious that can, in any case, cause you to feel spic and span, that is where surprise features — a pattern including a variety that looks out from your base shade, only by a hair — come in.

Were you hoping to look further into surprise features? Here’s a beginning and end you want to be aware of, in addition to 23 methods for attempting the pattern, whether you’re blonde or brunette.

What is Peekaboo hair tone?

What is Peekaboo hair tone

Surprise hair tone is when variety applies to your base layer of hair. For example, when you run through your hair, the tint underneath “looks” through your top layer of hair to uncover a pop of variety. Assuming you request surprise features at the salon, your colourist will apply slender or stout dashes of the type under the top layer of your hair.

Why get Peekaboo features?

Ombre, balayage, and plunge colour have all finished. We’ve been chasing after a pattern that causes us to feel enlivened, and surprise features are it. Who doesn’t need a pop of pink or blue concealing someplace inside their mane?

Seeing the blaze of your surprise tint is a little snapshot of great joy, such as finding five bucks in your pocket or recollecting that you loaded a treat with your lunch. But, as is commonly said, the seemingly insignificant details have a significant effect, especially concerning magnificence.

What amount do peekaboo features cost?

As usual, administration costs rely entirely upon the salons you go to, where it’s situated, and the condition of your hair. Surprise features might run you a piece less cash than getting a full head of standard features, contingent upon the variety you pick. Talk with your colourist or visit your salon’s site to determine how much surprise features would cost.

Is peekaboo hair high support?

Is peekaboo hair high support

Easygoing hair, darlings, this one is for you! Surprise features are extremely low-upkeep since their arrangement is somewhat covered up, implying that final details should be possible less often and at your recreation.

Where do you put peekaboo features?

More standard surprise features painting onto the lower layers of hair. Yet, other out-of-the-crate strategies additionally allowed you to explore different avenues regarding the pattern. For example, a couple of substitute ways to add a pop of variety to your braids are to wind around mixture around the face and the roots or colour hair from front to progressively back.

Is Peekaboo hair hard to maintain?

Not to worry about peekaboo highlights! They’re both insanely cool and insanely low preservation. They’re one of the most excellent, most suitable ways to make any hairstyle position out. Just recollect using a colour-safe shampoo in the shower to keep the colours exciting and a rich, hydrating conditioner.


1. Electric blue hair tone

This extreme blue tone on the more bright side of the cyan is fit for oozing significant energy flows. Assuming you have A warm complexion with yellow hints, embrace this lightning hair tone. Be a storm, perhaps? Disclaimer: This is such a variety proclamation all alone you could need to restrain your regular cosmetics schedule. Thus, it’s an incredible change if you want a break from the morning magnificence drill because your mane is doing perfectly all alone.

2. Sky blue hair tone

Allow your mane to mirror the hypnotizing profundity of the sky of gifts with this light blue tone. If you’re thinking about blue ombre hair, the absolute difference from dark blue roots is its transformation of your hair’s noticeably milder finishes. We’re talking hair that can make you immediately more joyful.

3.Bubblegum blue hair colour

Do you notice an incredibly appealing individual down the road and can’t avoid how the turn briefly looks? Expect many of these incidents around you as you take strong to a higher level with bubblegum blue hair tone. Sweet appearances will see their skin-pop with this tint. Consider it a Tomfoolery change from the generally ordinary hair variety conceals.

4.Peacock blue hair colour

We’re generally down for a hyper-pigmented second. At first look, the peacock blue could seem dark. However, watch your locks play surprise as the variety mirror off a light at the perfect locations. Consider the peacock hair tone as luminous blue with hot green suggestions. On the other hand, if you are not prepared to entirely focus on a blue hair variety conceal yet can’t resist the urge to jump aboard with the pattern, this tint is ideal for your wary boss.

5.Mid night blue hair tone

We’re formally enamoured; The midnight blue hair tone can draw the magnificence of the moon-lit night sky into your locks. This blue hair variety concealer is your most innovative option if you’ve generally dark hair and a warm complexion. Immerse your hair with lighter dashes of midnight blue that give your hair added aspect while as yet keeping things inconspicuous. The extra focus is on being corporate-accommodating.

6. Regal blue hair tone

Don’t you just let it out’s actual when they say win big or bust. The regal blue hair tone is excellent for showing you have a place with the side that concurs. Particularly assuming you have delightful shadowy skin, this shade can make all the difference for your appearance. Who’s our curls muse for this one, you inquire? Katy Perry, when she brandished her renowned imperial blue sway. When executed well, the rich traces of blue might make your eye variety pop.

7. Ash blue hair colour

Ash blue hair colour

We fix on this pick of blue hair variety concealer that blurs into smokey blue tips. When you consider debris blue hair tone, consider covering blue and green with slight red hints to make smokey and shiny tints. Book an arrangement before your BFF outsmarts you, and the pattern finds the group. Don’t we get pats on the head for being a pioneer instead of a devotee?

8. Blue-green blue hairs colours

Royal blue and sky blue have their portion of hair minutes. However, shouldn’t something be said about their lovechild, the greenish blue. It strolls the scarcely discernible difference between light and brilliant.

Blue-green blue hairs colours

However, if you have a composition resting on the more pleasant scale, you ought to embrace this blue hair variety which will supplement skin easily without causing it to appear to clean out. We’re talking fresher and edgier than your standard blue.

When were peekaboo hairs developed?

When Veronica Lake (1919–1973) introduce in the 1941 film “I Wanted Wings”, she spread new hair known as the peek-a-boo explosion. She wore her long blond hair, split on the left side and curled a little at the ends, down in front of her face to hide her right eye.


Luckily for uncertain ladies, there’s such a selection as hair extensions. So if you’re not sure that even the most natural brown hair with blonde peekaboo highlights will suit you, you can get a couple of fake streaks before calling your colourist.

The variety of peekaboo ideas has no bounds, which means that every lady can add some creative twist to her hair. Now you know that you don’t need to go for all-over colours to express your individuality. Some little colour streaks would be enough!