Women Workout Clothes  – Always Prefer to Choose a T-shirt specially designed for exercise. The FizzU p technical t-shirt for men has dryCELL technology, allowing perspiration to be transported to the outside to stay dry during training. In addition, its ergonomic and relaxed cut offers excellent freedom of movement and allows better ventilation during exercise to avoid any risk of overheating. When winter arrives, an unsuitable outfit in harsh climatic conditions puts you at risk of frostbite, burns, respiratory or vascular diseases, and reduced performance.

Criteria For Choosing Women’s Workout Clothes

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the outfit you wear during training makes a difference in your comfort, performance, and health. Do you want to absorb all the secrets of a sports outfit adapted to your activity? Here are the four main criteria! With our advice (and your FizzUp business), you will be in the best conditions for your sessions.

Temperature regulation

Considering the training conditions, the temperature is a crucial criterion for a good session. Indoors or out, it’s important to adapt what you wear. The strategy is to dress in 2 or 3 layers which you can remove as you exert yourself if needed. Choose clothes that wick away sweat as your inner layer and put an insulating layer on top. The FizzUp technical T-shirt is also ideal for wearing under a hoodie or a waterproof and breathable layer during training sessions in cold weather to retain heat and wick away moisture. Finally, if you are very sensitive, it is also essential to cover your head, ears, and hands to protect them from the cold.

The indoor temperature can rise to almost 30 degrees on the hottest days! You sweat more, and the risk of overheating increases. With high indoor temperatures or a very cardio workout raising your body temperature, moisture-wicking clothing is pri-or-dial. Choose sportswear that wicks away sweat, lets your skin breathe, and avoids 100% cotton clothes that trap sweat and moisture.

The FizzUp 7/8 leggings for women are ideal for being comfortable! As you train, your body gradually heats up, and the narrow shape of these tights helps keep your body heat in and adapt to it, perfect if the temperatures start to drop. These leggings also feature dryCELL functionality, which transports moisture to the outside and provides dry comfort while staying warm. It also features Power Mesh elements for extra ventilation from start to finish.

Flexibility Comfort Safety Women’s Workout Clothes

Flexibility Comfort

Thick seams, restrictive or narrow sleeves, clothes that ride up when you bend down… so much discomfort that makes your training experience unbearable.

The clothes you wear should be comfortable and suitable for your activity. They must be non-restrictive and almost disappear once put on. If they’re not (too tight, loose, itchy, etc.), you’ll be less likely to wear them and train well.

Opt for stretchy clothing for good protection and an acceptable range of motion. They allow great freedom when performing any exercise. Training in optimal comfort will enable you to focus only on the task and complete your workouts at your best.

In summary, when choosing sportswear, please pay close attention to its design and construction and opt for seamless pieces that won’t irritate your skin.

Ladies, finding the right sports bra can be tricky. Ensuring support, avoiding chafing, and offering sufficient freedom of movement can sometimes be like a treasure hunt. Training without support can be uncomfortable, especially during exercises involving jumps or impacts. Good support, stabilizing straps, and a back racing design offering optimal freedom of movement are the secrets of quality support. The FizzUp Mid Impact Bra meets all these criteria.

Women Workout Clothes the soft and elastic band placed under the chest is an added advantage to improve your comfort during training. This bra acts as a second skin to let your mind focus on the proper execution of movements instead of focusing on redness or chafing.

Friction does not spare you, especially under the armpits, during exercises such as push-ups or pull-ups. The solution is simple: opt for a suitable t-shirt. The little extra of the FizzUp technical T-shirt is its jersey cut which stands out for its relaxed shape while offering you absolute comfort to surpass yourself.



During your workouts, your body temperature will rise, and your body will start to sweat. Your outfit must wick away sweat and limit friction on the skin so as not to promote bacteria.

Otherwise, you expose yourself to multiple hygienic risks. Indeed, clothing unsuitable for physical activity, excess sweat, or hot and humid environments, for example, will be sources of risk. Poor-quality fabrics will also be responsible for multiple ailments, such as:

  • Irritations/itching due to clothes with seams or irritating poor-quality fabrics;
  • Skin problems or acne vary due to tight clothing that traps sweat and clogs pores.
  • Potential urinary tract infection in women due to tight-fitting clothing;
  • Foul odors due to the accumulation of work;
  • Athlete’s foot, also known as a fungal infection between the toes;
  • Possible allergies after outdoor training;
  • Fungal infection occurs if irritated or sensitive areas of skin are exposed to bacteria-filled workout clothes.

Thus, in addition to the shower after sport and a clean outfit, it is also necessary to choose breathable and suitable fabrics. Breathable fabrics wick away moisture and make a difference in your workout hygiene. Loose, lightweight clothing helps keep skin cool and dry. For men, the Evostripe FizzUp Shorts are also equipped with this dryCELL technology transporting moisture to the outside. Its relaxed cut avoids chafing problems during your exercises and mixes the ideal style for fitness or everyday life. Its elastic waist allows you to be comfortable in any activity and avoids irritation due to effort.

Remember, the wetter the clothes are, the more bacteria are likely to grow, especially if you wear them for long periods.


The resistance to washing cycles and the relaxation associated with use are essential criteria for the durability of your training clothes. Thus, it is significant to consider your investment to obtain resistant equipment that will be used over time.

Don’t forget to consider the versatility of your clothes. Will you only wear these leggings when you are doing your session or lounging at home? Will this t-shirt allow you to train indoors and outdoors? Is this bra sufficient for a strengthening session and during a run?

Sportswear must now meet the need for an active, sporty, versatile lifestyle. Make sure that whatever you buy can support you throughout the day, through your activities and the seasons.

You now know all the essential criteria for choosing a sports outfit. Don’t neglect comfort and quality for looks alone. This could play tricks on you…

However, this can seem like a test of patience and research in the jungle of sportswear. The Fitnesstore solves all your worries to offer you THE ideal sportswear adapted to your needs.

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