What is a Graphic Eyeliner ?

Graphic Eyeliner is an inventive pattern that urges us to draw more than an ordinary winged eyeliner. Highlighted in any semblance of style shows and embellishing the eyes of well-known celebs, it’s nothing unexpected the striking magnificence explanation takes a consistent hand to make.

Rather than following your upper lash line like you typically do, utilize your fluid eyeliner to define a boundary on the wrinkle, all things being equal. On the off chance that you have hooded eyes, define the edge somewhat over your crease. To make this natural eyeliner cosmetics, gaze directly ahead in the mirror and follow the normal state of your wrinkle.

Graphic Eyeliner Looks

Graphic Eyeliner Looks

With the party season quickly drawing closer, you might be considering how to tidy up your everyday look. Around Eyeko, we’ve concocted four natural eyeliner methods to make your eyes Mesmer-eyes this season!

Floating Crease Eyeliner 

Take a stand in a real sense! This realistic eyeliner is ideal for new novices needing to add a little something uniquely great to their party look.

How to create:

  • Get your number one shade of Galactic Lid Gloss and delicately skim its delicate doe-foot tool across the wrinkle of your eyelid.
  • Begin in the internal corner of your eye and work your direction outwards.
  • With this simple to-construct recipe, rehash the application until you’re content with the end product.
  • Go above and beyond and coast a little Galactic Lid Gloss under your lower lash line to sparkle from all points.
  • Assuming dark eyeliner is your go-to, utilize one of our veggie lover equations.
  • To finish this look, utilize our smash hit Black Magic Mascara to add definition, twist and volume like no other.

Separate Lines Eyeliner

The most related realistic eyeliner there is! Our second natural eyeliner gives your peepers a definitive emotional search for every tomfoolery event.

How to create:

  • Get Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner, and utilizing its smaller nib, draw around your eyelid.
  • Begin from over your internal lash line and follow your regular wrinkle upwards to the centre of your eyelid to accomplish a smooth, in any event, looking completion.
  • Place the second line under your lower lash line and expand outwards.
  • Rehash the application until you’re content with the eventual outcomes.
  • Go above and beyond and add a striking winged eyeliner for a classic wide-peered look.
  • To polish off, apply our Lash Alert Mascara to give your peepers the last reminder they need.

Dotted Eyeliner

SPOTTED! One of our #1 realistic eyeliners. This style is ideal for young ladies needing an inconspicuous distinction to their daily eyeliner schedule.

How to Create:

  • Snatch Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner and wing it in style utilizing one of our uniquely moulded brushes.
  • Then, delicately spot three little specks under your winged eyeliner.
  • Ensure each dab is equally estimated and scattered between each other.
  • Go above and beyond and add any shade of our brilliant Galactic Lid Gloss to your eyelids for additional radiance.
  • To finish this look, utilize our Skinny Brush Mascara to give those lashes some extreme length.

Colour Graphic Eyeliner

Get graphic with colour! Our fourth and final suggestionthis graphic eyeliner, lets those girls who like to go EXTRA get their time to shine.

How to Create:

  • Get your #1 shade of Galactic Lid Gloss and tenderly coast its delicate doe-foot implement across the wrinkle of your eyelid.
  • If you’re feeling audacious, go ahead and blend tones. We’d suggest coordinating Retrograde and Stardust, or Zodiac and Luna are musts for you brilliant ladies!
  • Then, get Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner and begin application from the inward corner of your eye.
  • Draw along the lash line like a typical winged liner, including the flick. Then, the finish of your liner flick, add a line inwards over the wrinkle of your eye, following the state of your temple and halting midway.
  • For a conclusive definition, utilize our Rock Out Lash Out Mascara to allow your peepers to stand apart from the group this party season.

Graphic Liner Application Hacks.

Not every person has the steadiest hands while applying liner, particularly when free-styling a few realistic shapes. But, assuming you battle with keeping up with consistent lines or are continually battling smears, you’ll see the value in these cosmetics craftsman tips:

1. Product Accuracy Matters.

For sure seems to be the twofold wing or drifting liner (contingent upon how thick you maintain that the lines should be). You can accomplish the style with any liner item, including milder mediums like conventional pencils and gels.

In any case, a considerable lot of the thoroughly searches in our aide are accuracy styles — meaning, you want an item that sets out a spotless line during the application cycle, is less inclined to move with wear and doesn’t blur as the hours go. Felt-tip liners and genuine fluid liners will often be your smartest choice. Ensure that the implement offers a fine accuracy tip for upgraded exactness. Gels can work. However, make sure to spritz a setting shower once you finish your eyes, so the move is less inclined to happen.

2. Eyeshadow Can Double as a Liner.

Eyeshadow probably won’t be ideal for more adapted realistic liner looks, as it can peruse a piece smoky. Yet, eyeshadow can be a phenomenal substitute for our multicolour liner styles. To make it work, big-name cosmetics craftsman Spencer Barnes noticed that he cherishes “utilizing eyeshadow (in different ways) along the lash lines of my VIP clients… you can apply your eyeshadow wet or dry — however, the key is utilizing a real eyeshadow brush to convey the ideal impact.” In addition, he suggests blending a setting shower with the shadow for a real backbone.

3. Up the Stake on Your Cleopatra Liner.

With regards to the emotional liner, barely any styles are pretty much as strong as Cleopatra. However, Gargi Patel, the big-name cosmetics craftsman behind Vasanti Cosmetics, noticed that you could make the Cleopatra liner more extraordinary by utilizing a fluid. Or felt-tip liner and draw “a calculated line, from your tear pipe toward your nose, in a somewhat descending projection.”

4. Use a Lash Curler for Floating Liner Looks.

Get a lash styler, your liner of decision, and go to your mirror. Note: This works better with the exemplary metal clasp lash stylers than the plastic or smaller than usual renditions. You might find that the bent top edge of the lash styler clasp copies the normal bend of your full lash line. A reward? You can likewise utilize this stunt to cut wrinkles while applying concealer or eyeshadow preliminary before setting your base shade.

  1. Cover that edge with your liner result of a decision.
  2. Hold the curling iron evenly, looking straight at the covered edge.
  3. While searching in a mirror, position the edge somewhat of your wrinkle, and afterwards, deal with a stamp — squeezing your cover delicately.
  4. Make sure to hold your hand consistent with the goal that you don’t spread the liner as you pull the curling iron away from your cover.

5. Or use the Stencil Trick for Floating Liner looks.

Have you seen those cut-wrinkle stencils gracing your virtual entertainment takes care? Indeed, you can accomplish a drifting liner look with them, as well. As a rule, they even accompany various bent shapes for you to look over. So pick the stencil that requests you most, and on second thought of utilizing a soft mixing brush and eyeshadow, use your favourite liner item to make a perfect, primary line.


Regardless of whether you’re not a prepared cosmetics craftsman (MUA), that doesn’t mean you can’t have some good times and trials with your cosmetics. Figuring out how to apply eyeliner in various ways helps assemble your cosmetics information and abilities, and it assists you with matching your eye focus on your mindset. With realistic liner looks, you only want a touch of persistence, some time, and a stellar liner that won’t let you down. Uplifting news: We have a heavenly rundown here.