Natural Cleanser For Your Skin Type Using more expensive products to clean your face and keep your skin clean is unnecessary. The skin should be controlled so we do not need to clean it again. Then only we get this benefit. It is when you have a blemish on your face or try some blackness. Also is good to do cleansing on the front when you do cleansing. It is not suitable for the skin. I do not say that it is not ideal for the skin.

However, still, we should keep in mind that Our skin does not have to use more beauty products. We go to it only from Natual Beauty methods and types of facial cleansers which is ideal for your skin type. To perform a facial cleansing, it is not necessary to use expensive products. In fact, by combining some natural ingredients, we can obtain satisfactory results.

Types Of Cleaners For Skin

Types Of Cleaners For Skin


It is different from oily skin, dry skin, and many schemes that can cause acne. Our skin can be ready and also causes stains like that which we need to clean. To keep, first, we should use cleansing, give a good film, makes our country good protection, we start looking more beautiful, it does not mean that the use of cleansing is crucial for us, that is, our good food is also essential for our skin.

The facial cleanser helps keep skin clean; it removes dirt, sweat, excess sebum (oils produced naturally by the skin), bacteria, and environmental particles that adhere to our skin daily. It is suitable for our skin. Even by eating well, our skin increases our rights and good skin. Facial cleansers are gentler than products that are not specific to the face, and in addition to cleaning, they help us keep the gel textures are usually the most suitable since they do not add fat to the front, combat shine, and give a sensation of freshness. If your skin is sensitive, use mild cleansers that do not irritate you. Choose those that do not contain perfumes without aggressive ingredients and incorporate substances that calm and soften the skin, such as rose, aloe vera, witch hazel, or chamomile.

Method To Apply Cleanser

It will depend on the mode of use of each cleanser since some are worked dry directly over the entire face, others with the skin previously moistened, or even sometimes we work the product on the face dry and then moisten. But in general, our tips for good cleaning are:


Take a sufficient amount of product, work it between your hands to melt the texture or foam, and then apply it to your face.


Massage for a few seconds, making upward circular movements all over the face, including the neck and décolletage, as far as possible. It is imperative not to forget the “conflictive” areas, such as the wings of the nose, around the lips, and the area closest to the line where the hair begins.


Rinse warm water and remove the last traces with a muslin. Our advice is that, to finish the rinse, use cold water.

The LUNA 2 facial cleansing brush with anti-ageing treatment can be found in 4 different models. Its filaments determine what type of skin each model is for (sensitive skin, combination skin, normal skin, oily skin). On the other hand, the LUNA mini model is suitable for all skin types.

Important Of Skin Routine

Important Of Skin Routine

Cleansing is the first important step of the facial routine. Our skin must be clean and free of impurities to stay strong, and the products we apply next penetrate the skin and take effect. If you also live in a city, it is even more important not to forget about daily facial cleansing since the skin is the area most exposed to pollution.

This post will focus on cleaning as a fundamental and essential step. Some people do not give importance to this step or use non-specific products for the face, such as body shower gel. This is not suggested, as facial skin is thinner and more delicate, and body cleansers could be irritating. If you put on makeup, you should use a makeup remover product, not a facial cleansing soap bar or a body gel, since they do not altogether remove the makeup.


Cleansing massage will only take 1 minute to carry out, and you will notice the results. The most important thing is that it will make healthy and active to our skin on the face with plenty of water and dry the skin before applying the rest of the facial care products. The facial cleansing massage by making soft and slow strokes from the center of the face outwards and always starting from the chin until reaching the forehead. Make sure that the skin is spotless.