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Ingredients For Young And Healthy Skin  – Good food is vital for the skin. Our skin will be good by eating a healthy diet. We do not get any acne and pimples from Young skin, and we should always eat fresh, maintain it, and use it. Beautiful, luminous skin without acne and other imperfections depend on genetics, the creams you use, and what you eat. It is proven that diet influences the condition of the skin. So from the hand of three dermatologists, we will tell you what you should eat and avoid if you want your skin to improve.

Diet For Healthy Skin

Diet For Healthy Skin

Taking into account the opinion of the dermatologists that we have consulted, these are the foods that should not be missing from your plate if you want your skin to look bright, radiant, without imperfections, and age better:

Vegetables And Fruits.

They contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, essential for a healthy diet. Specifically, doctors cite red fruits, foods rich in lycopene (such as tomatoes or watermelon), beta-carotene (carrots, spinach, peppers, oranges), and polyphenols (present in grapes, red wine, soy). He points out in his book that ” gazpacho is the best antioxidant cocktail for the skin .”

Cereals, Rice, Whole Wheat Pasta, And Bluefish

They are rich in fiber and are also healthier because they do not cause sudden rises in blood sugar.

Bluefish. Omega 3 acids help fight inflammation in all the organs of the body and also in the skin. Doctors recommend including fish such as salmon, tuna, or trout at least twice a week.

Dairy Products, Dried fruits, Legumes, And olive oil

Ingredients For Young And Healthy Skin  -Except in cases of intolerance, experts recommend including (skimmed) dairy products in the diet because they are a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Dried fruits. Recommends four almonds or four walnuts a day. The fat in nuts is healthy, lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. But you should not take too many for the calories they provide.

Legumes. They are a great source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals and cannot be missing from a healthy diet.

Olive Oil. It is the star product of the Mediterranean diet, but it is high in calories, so we must consume it in moderation. Vegetables and fruits should not be missing from your daily diet if you want your skin to be more beautiful.

Foods You Should Avoid

On the contrary, experts advise reducing the consumption of saturated fats (present in red meat, non-skimmed dairy products, and pastries). And also, foods with a high glycemic index, such as refined sugars (soft drinks, sweets, sweets ), which, according to dermatologists, ” increase micro-inflammation in the body’s organs, including the skin, worsening its quality .”

Acne-Promoting Foods

One of the most common skin problems is acne. And surely you have heard on more than one occasion that certain foods such as chocolate cause pimples. Hence the International Dermatological Clinic points out that ” it has not been proven that chocolate worsens acne . They tell us that ” intake of dark chocolate can be beneficial due to its great antioxidant power .”

On the other hand, ” there are studies that link acne with an excess of dairy products and refined sugars in the diet,” according to the dermatologist. Has pointed out that ” these foods cause a spike in insulin in the blood, which stimulates hormones that increase the production of androgens, stimulating the production of sebum and therefore worsening acne .”

To Increase Beauty, Three Vitamins Your Skin Needs To Stay Young

To Increase Beauty, Three Vitamins Your Skin Needs To Stay Young

Ingredients For Young And Healthy Skin having smooth and luminous skin is everyone’s dream. That is why throughout our lives, we resort to countless treatments, masks, creams and more to achieve it. However, it is common to neglect an aspect essential for your skin’s state: food. An integral balance is a key to beauty, and the care of your skin begins from the inside; we tell you the vitamins that your face needs and how to obtain them.

The diet will always be reflected in your skin, which is how a balanced diet full of essential nutrients will help you achieve a young and luminous face for much longer. Similarly, including products in your beauty routine with the most potent vitamins for the skin will be a great complement to achieving your mission.

So Take Note Of The Vitamins Your Skin Needs To Stay Young For Much Longer

Vitamin E

It is the queen of antioxidants, and this vitamin is perfect for delaying the signs of aging and giving tone to your face. You catch it in foods such as nuts, sunflower seeds, and vegetable oils.

Vitamin C

You can find this vitamin mainly in citrus fruits. Including it in skin care products will help eliminate blemishes and unify skin tone.

Vitamin A

Have you heard the word ” retinol “? Retinol is part of vitamin A in milk, cheese, eggs, and broccoli. The boom for this element occurred a few years ago since many creams began to use it in anti-aging treatments thanks to the fact that it favors cell renewal in the deepest layers of the skin and the synthesis of collagen.

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