About- Kerala Bridal Hairstyle

Kerala bridal hairstyle is the hairstyle of Hindu society, decorating her would enhance her beauty and decorating her hair with flowers, use more accessories very cutely which look good hairstyles and are suitable, it does a variety of hairstyles according to the face of the bride, and it tries to make only one bridal hairstyle and make it unique.

Types Of  Kerala Bridal Hairstyle

If one talks about the beauty of the new style, then, first of all, you come to the hairstyle of Kerala; the first name on the list is Kerala hairstyle, which decorates for a bride; it is stunning and Fabulously

Kerala bridal hairstyle decorates with a lot of colorful flowers and makes her hair very beautiful. However, there is a traditional way to follow, she does a variety of flower decorations, as well as creates a wonderful and makes a difference and the unique enhance the beauty.

Here Are The Top Wedding Hairstyles For The Perfect Traditional Look On Your Wedding

Fishtail Braid With A Flower Maang Tikka

The fishtail braid is one of the best ways possible to give a contemporary touch to your hair and still retain the look of traditional Kerala wedding hairstyles. Once you’re done with the braid intertwine it with some white flowers and put on a flower Maang Tikka to complete the look! Although this hairstyle takes a lot of patience, the result is stunning.

Bun With A Mesh Ornament


Were you looking for intricate Kerala wedding hairstyles? Getting it is simple. Order a ‘jaali’ work ornament for your bun.

The ornament can be made of fresh flowers, pearls, or jewels, and the bun can be either a top knot or a low bun. Feel free to experiment and explore!

Shaded Gajra On The Bun

For the most trending Kerala wedding hairstyles, pick 2-3 different shades of Gajras. They can be a combination of orange and white or yellow and white (depending on you); place them one after the other on your bun to create a ‘shaded’ effect with your flower hairstyle.

Open Hair With Wavy Twirls

The most classic hairstyle out of all Kerala wedding hairstyles is the relaxed hair one. Although it might not sound that impressive, all you need is a couple of waves and loose curls at the bottom to get the stunning look.

Fashion Goals- Kerala Bridal Hairstyle

We all get worried about how to accessorize and style a traditional outfit just right. These brides show us how to get the Kerala Hindu bride to look right on point!

Once all the wedding prep is lined up, the venue has been booked and the date finalized, the next big thing on the agenda for your wedding is picking out the outfit. The whole business, from the outfit itself to accessories that would perfectly complement it, will add to your get-up and bridal look. This is the part that gets us all so excited.

For traditional weddings, Kerala Hindu brides often wear sarees and stick to conventional hues and palettes. Here, we bring the best of traditional and modern looks to seek inspiration for your Kerala Hindu bridal look.

As South Indian weddings are usually a morning affair, the color palette the brides stick to is bright and summer hues. The seasons too, are a significant factor contributing to the ever-changing color scheme. The six-yard drapes of luxury,  However, the delicately plaited hair, and subtle Kerala bridal makeup all come to define the Kerala Hindu bride, so read on to seek some inspiration for your bridal look.

Kerala Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long Hair With Flowers:

Decorated hair with flowers is one of the most essential and favorite hairstyle fashions among the bridals of South India. However, bridals like to apply flowers in different patterns on their head or hairs. Some bridals like to apply flowers on the hair bun, some want to use these flowers on the sides of the head, and some use them at the top of the head. However in the below-mentioned Kerala Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair 2016 For Wedding Day, you can see that a bridal with long hair decorated her hair with white flowers or kalian.

Hair Jewelry or Jhumka Hair Style:

In Kerala Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair 2016 For Wedding Day, they like to apply hair jewelry in different styles on their hair on the day of their wedding.  Whenever  this hairstyle, the bridal applied a home or jhumka and bindi on her hair or head. Whenever, bridals like to use jhumka on the sides of the head and apply bindi at the top or center of the head. This hairstyle gives a cultural look to the bridals.

Hair Accessories On the Long Tail:

Kerala or some other South Indian bridals like to apply different kinds of hair accessories or jewelries on their hair on the day of their weddings. However, most of the bridals make a long tail of their hair and then decorate it with unique accessories that you can see in the picture below. Some bridals also make a bun of her hair and apply this type of accessory on the bun also.

Tail Rounded With Flowers:

This is another simple and best Kerala Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair 2016 For Wedding Day and Some other South Indian bridals. Make a long hair tail and then apply flowers in a round shape on the bottom.


Hairstyle is the best, most beautiful, and most traditional hairstyle in the world. Bride  makes many different types of hairstyles, and complete beautiful look for  bride and hairstyle is famous all over the country