Marathi Hairstyle  – Description

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The Maharashtrians generally have more straightforward weddings, which tend to be less fascinating. However, when it comes to wearing colorful attires and accessorizing themselves, they do not think twice before displaying their vibrant, colorful attires and gold jewelry. Two things that a bride ever frets over are makeup and hair. And when it comes to wedding days.

Marathi Hairstyle Types

Here,  Some Hairstyle given below will be mention, which is Maharashtra hairstyle. Please see it and understand how beautiful it is made.

Traditional Marathi Bridal Hairstyle

I have a hairstyle which is in Maharashtra, it has the requirement of the whole family, it is entirely magical, and the head is discuss, this tells us that it is not going to make a very economical and extraordinary coming relationship Which is movable and made according.

Traditional Bridal Buns:

A bun is an ideal style for Indian wedding limits. It is a commendable marriage haircut for the wedding administration. From obligation to Jai mala to the social affair to Mehendi-you can endeavor the bun hairstyling for any limit.

Tight Bun:

Tight Bun_

Do whatever it takes not to care about the allure of fundamental bun hair stylings barely! See how stunning this woman looks with her sleek and rich distort blossom hairstyle.

 Simplistic Flowers Bun:

Gajra is a staple choice for South Indian marriage hairstyles. Most standard women brighten their marriage hairstyles with these unordinary blooms. In addition, here’s a shallow technique to add their appeal to your wedding hairstyle. Essentially, overlay over a gajra string on various events around your bun, and you are good to go.

Half-Tied Braided Hair:

The women who wish to keep their hair open can follow this marriage hairstyle. The scrumptious locks are semi-turned and held halfway down. The hairstyle is furthermore adorned with blooms.

Romantic Waves:

What lady of the hour doesn’t adore an inconspicuous, heartfelt look? Delicate waves meet a light increase in volume to outline the face tenderly. Furthermore, pushing all your hair aside will cause the style to show up more clean, as well.

Hairstyles for Lehenga

Your search for the perfect hairstyle for lehenga ends right here! Most brides nowadays prefer wearing a lehenga for all their wedding events, which often leaves them wondering how to style their hair to make it look good with the outfit.

Right from open hairstyles for lehenga to a perfect bridal bun, you’ll find all kinds of Indian wedding hairstyles here! So, check out 2019’s latest bridal hairstyles to wear with your lehenga.

Setting Jewellery

Maharashtrian wedding is simple yet actual unique than any other kind Indian of the wedding. Unlike other brides, Maharashtrian brides wear a green or yellow paithani saree & choose to wear either gold or pearl Maharashtrian Jewellery on the wedding day. Like the bride, the groom’s attire is also unique. He wears Dhotar & Kurta.


Mundavalya is a forehead ornament worn by Maharashtrian bride & groom. It is horizontally trying  on the forehead & it has great importance in the Maharashtrian wedding. However, it is made from pearl & has two pearls strings which define the togetherness of bride & groom.

The marriage function starts with Gaurihar Puja, where the bride is gift a paithani saree & Mundavalya.

The Mundavalya is tied on the bride’s forehead when she is ready to step towards the mandap. It means that she is happily will  prepare to marry. The Maharashtrian wedding is incomplete without Mundavalya.

Knowing The Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery Names

Amchi Mumbai has so many things to offer. There is fashion, Bollywood, glamour, bhel puri, BB creams, dreams and visions, beaches and local trains, Gateway of India. But what can’t be miss is the jewelry worn by the gorgeous Maharashtrian brides.

A Maharashtrian bride is quite different from the ones belonging to other states. While red is the core color worn by brides of other Indian communities, the Paithani saree worn by a Marathi lass comes in typical golden yellow, leaf green, or aubergine.

But when you learn about the Traditional Maharashtrian jewelry names, you will fall in love with it for the fun, tradition, and happiness it brings to a Marathi bride.


A Nath as a part of bridal jewelry comes in different styles. The woman wears this form of Maharashtrian bridal jewelry at the time of her wedding or in a puja ceremony. Whenever,  woven with pearls, a nath has pink or white stone in the middle. This nose ornament is typical and unique of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery and is different from other nose pins worn by Indian brides.


The simplest way to remember this Traditional Maharashtrian jewelry name is its rhyming with the word ‘Khushi.’ A 22-carat gold choker-style neckpiece, Whenever, Thushi, is a part of bridal jewelry that originated in Kolhapur. It comes with gold beads and comes with an adjustable Dori. The jowar gold seeds indicate that the bride’s new home will always will be bless with food.

 Kolhapuri Saaj

A beautiful rendition of Maharashtrian jewelry names is Kolhapuri Saaj. It is famous in Kolhapur, Belgaum, and the southern belt of Maharashtra, and it is as good as mangalsutra.


This beautiful loose side braid with floral accessories is a simple yet stunning hairstyle. However, there is a wide variety of options that are available which are not only beautiful but also trendy. The bride is obvious to get overwhelmed with the wide range of options for hairstyles available for the Maharashtrian bride