Keratin Hair Treatment — the protein that reinforces the keratin hair treatment hair to forestall breakage, heat harm, and frizz — is essential for keeping up areas of strength with solid hair. In any case, keratin fixing, the salon medicine that guarantees silky hair, has long accompanied significant well-being concerns. So to get the breakdown that you want to be aware of keratin medicines, we talked with big-name hairdresser and NatureLab Tokyo brand minister Andrew Fitzsimons, Eva NYC hair specialist T. Cooper, and superstar hairdresser Annagjid “Kee” Taylor.

What Is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin is an underlying protein tracked down in our hair, skin, and nails. It’s likewise customarily tracked down in styling items to assist with fortifying hair — yet the term keratin treatment is a misnomer.

“Keratin medicines are semi-long-lasting hair fixing medicines that smooth hair,” says Fitzsimons. However, how the medicines work isn’t using keratin. Instead, to make hair straighter, an answer containing a formaldehyde subordinate or (a lot more secure) glyoxylic corrosive is managed to break the bonds and reseal them in a more linear position. The arrangement is then blow-dried and fixed with a level iron, and the outcomes can endure in the three to the a-half-year range. As indicated by Fitzsimons, the medicines function admirably on most hair types. He prescribes it for any individual who needs to lessen frizz, support sparkle, or trim out blow-drying or fixing their hair consistently.

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Could a Keratin Treatment at any point Help with Hair Growth?

The treatment’s advantages might cause hair to appear to develop all the more rapidly. However, it’s actually about reinforcing the hair. “Keratin assists with adding sparkle, diminishing frizz, and decreasing the presence of divided closes by briefly holding the hair back together,” which makes sense to Taylor. These impacts can help strands look and feel longer and more grounded, “however [they are] eventually developing at a similar rate,” she says.

All in all, decreasing breakage helps give the deception of more hair development. “The treatment makes hair more sensible by smoothing down the fingernail skin and fixing it, assisting with forestalling frizz,” says Fitzsimons. “This can cause your hair to appear quicker because the closures aren’t parting, consequently permitting it to hold its length.”

Could You at any point Get a Keratin Treatment If You Have Natural Curls?

Taylor concurs with Fitzsimmons that keratin medicines function admirably on most hair types. However, for wavy hair specifically, it will smooth frizz and add more sparkle. “Wavy hair mirrors light less effectively than straight hair, so you’ll see more sparkle after your keratin treatment,” she says.

Could You at any point Get a Keratin Treatment If You Have Color-Treated Hair?

One more added benefit is that it will keep newly-hued hair energetic. Taylor prescribes conversing with your beautician and colourist about getting your variety revived just before your keratin treatment. The treatment seals in the array, making it last longer and seem more splendid.

Is Keratin the Same as a Japanese Treatment or Relaxer?

Although it’s like other hair-fixing medicines, keratin medicines are still unmistakably unique. Taylor makes sense that keratin medicines are friendlier than fixing drugs like relaxers. “Keratin is perfect for the people who have crimped hair and need long, straight, smooth hair,” she says. “The synthetics with keratin are somewhat less hurtful than those found with other fixing medicines, similar to a loosening up treatment, which is extremely brutal.”

“The keratin treatment and a relaxer are how long they fix the hair,” makes sense, Cooper. “A keratin treatment briefly relaxes your twist example and becomes dull over the long run. However, your hair surface will ultimately get back to its normal state. With a relaxer, that isn’t true by any stretch of the imagination. Relaxers separate the atomic securities in hair and forever fix it.” Because Japanese hair medicines and traditional relaxers always break your hair’s securities utilizing ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide, they are undeniably more powerful on oily hair — yet harmful. The developing out stage will likewise be more extraordinary than keratin medicines since there will be a line of division when your normal surface comes back in.

What Is the Process of Getting a Keratin Treatment?

The treatment requires a couple of hours. However, it changes given hair length and type. “Contingent upon the surface and thickness of your hair, you can expect your salon visit says, Fitzsimons. “Your hair specialist will initially wash your hair, apply the keratin treatment onto the wet hair, where it will then, at that point, sit for around 30 minutes; in any case, a few beauticians could blow dry the hair first and afterwards apply the treatment,” he makes sense. “In conclusion, since the treatment is heat actuated, the beautician will level iron the hair in little segments to seal it.”

How Long Do Keratin Treatments Last?

The vital guideline of keratin medicines is to avoid water and braids for around three days. You would rather not risk making a curve in your recently fixed hair. Fitzsimons says the way to keep up with your treatment to the extent that this would be possible is to utilize a sans sulfate cleanser when you wash your hair.

For those with typical twists, Taylor additionally expresses not to wet your hair for three days. She likewise suggests utilizing sodium without chloride hair items and enclosing your hair with a silk or silk scarf (or pillowcase) to keep the dampness secured in your hair, as the treatment can make your hair dry out quicker. Finally, she says that medicines can endure for half a year. However, alerts that they could influence your twist design forever.

Yet, in particular, Fitzsimons says to think about a couple of crucial things before booking that arrangement. “There are countless successful ways of smoothing the hair while keeping it safeguarded by utilizing the right items and procedures — so a keratin treatment probably won’t be the ideal choice,” he adds. “Contingent upon your hair’s specific surface, an alternate treatment, like a substance relaxer, could check out for you.”

Is there any good reason why Some Hairstylists won’t Perform Keratin Treatments?

Part of the worry with keratin medicines rotates around one of the fixings tracked down in most traditional salon recipes: formaldehyde. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) characterizes it as a lacklustre, solid-smelling gas customarily used to make building materials, family items like paste and fiberboard, and used as an additive when broken up in the water. In keratin medicines, it’s liable for getting the hair into that new straight and smooth situation for quite a long time. In any case, these medicines don’t contain formaldehyde since it’s a known cancer-causing agent. Instead, they have fixings like methylene glycol, formalin, methanal, and ethanediol, that discharge the cancer-causing compound when blended with water during the therapy. So while the recipe could be sans formaldehyde, it’s not once blended in with water.

Is the treatment safe?

There has been some debate encompassing keratin medicines since they use formaldehyde or different synthetics that discharge formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a dry, impactful gas that has harmful properties.

Formaldehyde might have severe well-being impacts on the off chance that an individual breathes in it or, on the other hand, assuming it comes into contact with the eyes or skin.

The severe impacts might include:

  • irritating
  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • allergic reaction
  • chest pain


Keratin hair medicines smooth the hair, making it look gleaming and seem sans frizz. In addition, individuals report that it can cause hair more reasonable. Albeit these medicines are exorbitant, results can endure up to a couple of months.