Maintain Summer Skin – How? Tips, Preparation, And More

How to Take Maintenance Of Your Skin During The Summer?

Maintain Summer Skin -Protecting your skin from insect bites that come back in summer with the help of lavender, sage, geranium, or lemongrass also prevents the various inconveniences they could cause. You can also take care of your skin through the foods you eat. Foods containing beta-carotene such as green vegetables, apricots, carrots, and melons, thanks to their antioxidant properties, reduce the aging effect of the sun. For dehydrated skin, it is also possible to use food supplements.

Certain things should be avoided to maintain beautiful skin during and after the summer. It is preferable not to stay exposed to the sun for too long, even with the skin protected by sunscreen, for example. Although the sun is an ally for replenishing vitamin D, it can also be responsible for premature skin aging. It is also necessary not to expose yourself to the hours when the sun hits the hardest, and it is guaranteed sunburn. You should also avoid alcohol-based products. It can cause brown spots on the body due to a reaction to the sun.

Sun Protection

Protection is also essential in taking care of your skin in summer. You must first protect your skin with sun creams or sprays with the appropriate index. You have to apply these protections as soon as you are in contact for a particular time in the sun. Sunburns don’t just

Tips To Reroute Your Skin In Summer

How to Maintain Summer Skin – Shine, redness when the mercury rises, our skin reacts. That’s no reason to look bad. It pulls less, and it shines more… We know from experience that we don’t have the same skin in summer as in winter. Hence the need to adapt your skincare routine as accurately as possible. It is still necessary to understand what is happening at the heart of the skin, and what mechanisms are at play. makes the first diagnosis: “Under the effect of heat, sebum fluidifies. Combination skin in winter becomes oily in summer and dry skinbecomes more comfortable—our targeted advice.

Another essential phenomenon is the production of sweat: to regulate body temperature when it’s hot, we sweat. And as the skin is covered with small sweat glands, its protective hydrolipidic film on the surface is enriched. The less glamorous side is shine and enlarged pores. Finally, by osmosis, perspiration leads to severe dehydration, which aggravates the symptoms of oily skin. “Sebum is self-defense. When the skin loses water, it makes fat to trap it,” explains Marlène, training manager at Biologique Recherche.

Keep Complexion Dry

Once the hydration is well managed, it’s time to bluff to display a perfect complexion. “Avoid all rich foundations that melt and turn under the effect of heat and sweat. Transparency is preferred. In summer, you have to see the skin. Otherwise, it looks fake,” sums up the make-up artist’s advice to Maybelline. His ideal combo? A ” blur ” or blurring formula that matches and perfects the skin’s appearance + sun-kissed earth that gives a healthy glow. The blur is applied to the T zone and possibly locally to slight imperfections. The sun powder is used with a broad brush (we are not trying to contour) in a veil of light tan over the entire face, then we insist on the temples and along the cheekbones. Beware of the sunburn effect on the nose! We do not use it to mattify, otherwise, we put too much and position it poorly.

“During the day, before reapplying blur or powder, you must start by absorbing excess sebum and sweat using mattifying papers or a paper handkerchief,” explains Carole Colombani. Once the skin is clear, there are several retouching options: if the skin is not powdered with classic powder, we put a touch of blur where it shines. Compact formulas are easy to use as a finish; otherwise, dab on a translucent matte compact powder with the applicator provided.

Preparation of Summer Skin

Summer is the time we look forward to all year round! As soon as the sun comes out, everyone’s mood seems to improve. You can feel the sun’s warmth on your skin, wear that summer dress that’s been waiting in your closet for months, enjoy long evenings with a glass (or two) of rosé, and achieve a beautifully bronzed glow. But the sun can also damage your skin… That’s why we’re here with some tips to help you keep your skin looking great all summer long!

Hydrate Your Skin In Summer

It is preferable to use products with light textures and avoid, for example, very rich creams, which could prevent the skin from breathing and evacuating what needs to be appropriate.

For combination and oily skin, it is preferable to use gel products and aqueous serums. It is better to use light creams and balms to moisturize your skin for dry skin. To hydrate the skin and cool off, you can also spray thermal water on your face.

Why Moisturize Your Skin?

It is essential to continue to hydrate the skin in this way even after the period of exposure to the sun or intense heat because it is the best way to return from your vacation with a dull complexion a few days later. During this season, hydration is essential, and it is crucial to make masks whose main active ingredients are rehydrating.

An avocado-based mask to limit tightness, an aloe vera mask to soothe burns, a sweet almond mask to relieve irritated skin… In short, there is a mask for each of our needs. You have to choose the right one! It is also good to offer your skin revitalizing and regenerating masks to avoid a dull complexion. Sebum-regulating covers help fight shine. They are often rich in zinc, copper, and vitamin C.

How To Clean Your Skin In Summer?

It is essential to cleanse your skin by carrying out an exfoliating scrub, not too aggressive because the skin is already weakened, and the goal is not to irritate the skin more. Most essential to carry out daily cleaning with a gentle cleanser. It should also not be done too often, about once a week.

The skin is more sensitive, and the natural hydration of the skin that our body offers us risks being altered if it is too violent. Hydration is essential, but so is cleansing! The high sebum production facilitates the attachment of unwanted impurities to the skin. You have to take advantage of the summer to rinse your face with cold water, allowing the skin to regain its radiance. Before going on vacation, take precautions and get your skin used to be exposed to the sun gradually. Sudden exposure increases the risk of dehydration and burns.

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