Nail-dip-powder – Dip powder is an effective manicure technique that consists of dipping your nails in a pot of powder with colored pigments. You apply a base beforehand, then transform the manicure by dipping the nails in the powder pot before dying with a sealant.

Dip powder or dipping powder means “to soak in the powder” in English. In other words, dip the tip of the nail in glitter or a colored pot. Of course, objective like classic nail polish, the dip powder nail polish comes in 1000 colors for an ever more unique and customizable manicure

How To Use The Dip Powder

Does the technique convince you? Are you dying to test it on your nails or those of a client? Never mind, here are the steps for an irresistible powdery manicure!

Helpful material to make a dip powder easily

To get started, make sure you have these essential items available:

  • a primer
  • a base
  • an activator
  • a top coat
  • a nourishing oil
  • (a brush cleaner)

And now? The place to practice.

Step 1 – Preparation Of The Nails With Dip Powder

Perform the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry your client’s hands
  2. Prepare the nails by pushing back the cuticles and filing the bare nail, paying particular attention around the edges and cuticles
  3. Spread your primer on the nail

Step 2 – Using The Database

Now let’s get serious. The technique itself.

You must apply the base on 3/4 of the nail, then dip it in the so-called “natural” powder.

Then, apply the base again, but on the entire nail. Then cover with the color of your choice, and proceed to the same manipulation a second time. In other words, this gives the application of:

  • the base
  • he color

If you want to add extra hold and resistance to the manicure, dip the nail in “clear” powder.

Step 3 – Finishing The Dipper Powder

Do you know how to enhance your manicure? Thanks to the finishing steps:

Now apply the “activator,” then file and sand your manicured claw. If necessary, adjust your edits.

Finalize your manicure by cleaning the nails with a cotton ball soaked in a bit of alcohol. Finally, use the “activator” again and gently wipe the nail with a lint-free tissue.

Top 4 – Manicure Care

The most effective way to create a beautiful manicure is to finish with powerful treatments.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Applying the top coat
  • When it is dry, apply a second coat in small quick touches
  • Wait 2 minutes for drying
  • Finish your care by applying a nourishing oil to the cuticles, without forgetting to massage the contours

What Is Powder Nail Polish?


Also called ” deep powder, “powder nail polish takes the form of a colored powder. It is increasingly present on social networks and consists of fine acrylic particles placed on the nail. It allows you to achieve all kinds of effects and rendering on the nails: glitter, gradient, matte or metallic finish, etc. Its advantages? It is easy to apply and avoids smudging, making it an ideal polish for those who tend to protrude during their manicure! Another promise of powder varnish? It can last up to 3 weeks – like semi-permanent varnish -. Regularly used by professionals in salons, powder varnish has been dubbed by the pros. Do we adopt it?

Will Powder Polish Save Our Manicures?

To achieve your manicure, there is something for everyone: false nails, gel, semi-permanent, and even more recently, spray… And a type of varnish is reappearing this year: the powder version, which is essential in the list of 2019 beauty trends from the Pinterest social network (+442% for the powder nail polish search). His promise? Simple application and long-lasting.

Brought back to the fore, in particular by the American brands SNS Nails or Kiara Sky, powder varnish allows a finish similar to gel or semi-permanent products. Something to arouse our curiosity. On the one hand, the varnish lasts for two to four weeks. Rather promising. On the other hand, it dries in the open air. So we drop the UV lamp. To remove it, we will have to use pure acetone. Tip: soak a cotton ball in the product, wrap the nail and cover the whole thing with aluminum before leaving it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

How it works ?

Before starting, we learn about the different use techniques because they are not accessible to all. As for a classic manicure, a protective base is applied. Then, you dip your nails, one by one, in the colored powder, also called dip powder. Remember to remove the excess with your finger or a brush to avoid accumulating layers. Once the product is applied and dry, use a nail file to polish the surface. The base and powder steps can be repeated to achieve the desired color intensity. We finish everything with a top coat to prevent the varnish from flaking.

Dip Powder And False Nails

If you are applying the dip powder nails technique to false nails, add these additional vital steps at the end of step 1 before step 2. The goal is to preserve the quality of the pin.

  • Put glue on the capsule to stick on the tip of the natural nail
  • File the junction between the natural nail and the pill. The goal? That nothing exceeds, the surface must imperatively be smooth and flat.
  • Remember to apply the base on the junction of the false nail, on the natural nail,
  • Then, dip the nail in the desired color.

Dip Powder Manicure, To Remember

Have you remembered the essentials of the most popular manicure of the moment?

Four key steps comprise the Dipping Powder application method: preparation, base, finish, and care. Each step must be followed in order.

A powder varnish manicure can last 3 to 4 weeks without any problem. However, it is essential to avoid attacking your nails over time, protect the manicure as much as possible, and keep it in impeccable condition.