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Beauty Tips Write For Us

Beauty Tips Write For Us

Beauty Tips Write For Us – Whether you’re new to beauty tips or have been involved in makeup and hair for years, there’s always something new to learn. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite makeup artists and editor-approved beauty tips and tricks. These beauty specialists will help you apply your drugstore makeup like a pro, get the most out of your favourite skincare products, and keep your hair looking salon-like every day. Bonus: These tips are so easy that you won’t have to change your routine to reap the benefits of these easy makeup, hair, and nail tips.

According to Maybelline New York Global Makeup Artist Erin Richters, waterproof mascara can help curl your lashes. Try Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara. It acts as a perm for your lashes and lashes in lifting.

After painting your nails, soak your hands in ice water after painting your nails to help them dry faster.

For a Natural look, Underestimate the Concealer

Contrary to popular belief, filling in under the eyes with concealer will not eliminate those dark circles. Wearing a ton of concealer doesn’t look natural and can make you look older. Instead, use a thin layer of sheer concealer that evens out your skin without covering it completely.

Use this Map to Make your Change

Knowing what each part of your eye is is half the battle of the following beauty tutorials. Add this easy guide to your Pinterest beauty board to master your makeup.

Apply Dry Shampoo Before Going to Bed

Dry shampoo is a last-minute lifesaver when you need to go somewhere but don’t have time to wash your hair. However, applying it before bed can get more out of a bottle of dry shampoo. “I like to use it before bed,” says April Franzino, beauty director at Good Housekeeping. “While you sleep, your hair will absorb it, and you’ll look refreshed in the morning.” Dab the perfume on your wrists lightly, don’t rub them.

This humble tip will make your perfume last longer: Don’t rub your wrists together to apply the scent (it will wear off faster). Instead, press together.

Use Vaseline for a Flawless Manicure

To keep your homemade manicure on your nails (and not the surrounding skin), apply some Vaseline around the border where your nails end and your skin begins. Let your manicure dry, then wash your hands. Any polish on Vaseline will wash off immediately.

Swipe your Liner Downwards for a Rounded Eye

A cat eye will always be fantastic, but this “dog eyeliner” Korean makeup trend has us hooked. Instead of moving the liner up from the tip, drag it towards your cheekbones for a rounder, wider-looking eye.

Set your lipstick with Powder Using a Napkin

Are you tired of lipstick running, smudging, or smudging throughout the day? Set it with translucent Powder, but don’t apply it directly to your lips. Instead, use a tissue to get the right amount of Powder on your face. And follow this easy lipstick tutorial to make your colour look as beautiful as possible.

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